Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Four Weeks to the Photo Shoot

Here's where we get down to brass tacks. In exactly four weeks I will be suiting up in the famous white bikini,yes, I'll have to take it in, and staring down the camera lens. Oh boy! What kind of self tanner should I use? Should I get my hair cut and colored a week before, or the day before? I'm 46, will I genuinely look good, or am I deluding myself? Can good lighting really hide cellulite? Whatever the answers are to those questions, I am committed, excited, and eager to do whatever it takes to make November 9th a great day.
So just what are my goals for November 9th, and how am I going to achieve them? First, I will be following a clean, high volume, nutrient dense eating plan that comes in at 1400 calories a day. My only "treats" will be an occasional glass of wine that I plan for ahead of time. My workouts for the next three weeks will be the Turbulence Training Resistance Evil program, followed by TT Adrenaline. I will enter my meals into Fit Day, and I will post my workouts and menus here, not just for accountability, but in the sincere hope that a reader or two out there might be inspired to go after their ideal body as well. As far as a target weight goes, this will allow me to lose 1 pound a week so my goal weight on picture day will be 115 lbs.
I seem to be running up against quite a few warnings about how hard it is to get lean and beautiful bodylines. Some trainers still write not just about effort, which I expect, but about pain and sacrifice. I just don't think pain is at all necessary, and how can giving up sweets and late nights in front of the TV be called a sacrifice when it makes me feel so good? Isn't it possible to enjoy this journey? I certainly think so, and I promise to let you know.

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  1. What do you recommend for a self tanner? I need to use one for my final pictures in TC 9? I have no knowledge of these things. How many weeks before hand do I need to start for it to look right?

    BTW this is 'larmer' from TT Forums. Trying for a six pack and not doing well at it.


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