Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pictures of Venus Index Results

Here they are folks.  Here's something interesting though.  I am incredibly happy with how I look in the mirror, and how I feel.  The only issue is that I'd like to look a bit leaner in my pictures.  I'll have to think on this subject and blog about it later!  Off to Vegas to celebrate success at the Venus/Adonis informal summit.  No- we don't take ourselves that seriously!


  1. Wow Catherine you look great. Obviously VI worked for you.

    I own the AI program and I listen to the pod casts but I have not used AI yet. Still doing TT but considering going to AI to build muscle. I'm stuck getting rid of the last 4 cm on my belly which is due to overeating.

    Enjoy Vegas I would love to go and meet Brad and Howard and also Brad Pilon again. That is going to be a lot of really good looking people around the pool.

  2. It was an excellent experience Andrew, but the bottom line is that nothing beats TT IMHO. If I was to progress to the next level in VI, the circuit workouts would be 90 minutes start to finish. Too long for me. However, with a specific goal like yours, Adonis might very well do the trick.


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