Saturday, August 30, 2008

Beauty Building

What is it about staring something new that is so daunting?  It must be paralyzing perfectionism rearing its ugly head.  This is just a blog, not rocket science, no harm will come to anyone if I'm dull or silly.  So how did I get to this place posting my thoughts for who knows who?  Turbulence Training did it.  I started about four months ago, and I've had the kind of success that amazes me.  As a 44 year old wife and mother, I was beginning to think that the strut might be gone for good.  I'm 5'2", and I weighed 153lbs, in spite of the fact that I've been on a diet for the past seven years!  Well, maybe with a break for a party or a holiday here and there.  Back in April, I saw the candid photos from my son's birthday party.  You know those pictures you don't know are being taken, so you don't have a chance to hide your body behind something?  Oh yeah.  I got a good look at myself from the back, and I determined not to go gently into that dark night.  Of course the Dark Night I'm referring to isn't The End, or Batman for that matter.  It's the relinquishment (is that a word? Guess so, because spell check didn't freak out.) of your own physical beauty.  The point at which you say the quest isn't worth it any more.  Now I am aware that there are many more noble pursuits, and too much focus on the way you look can make you miss a lot of what life has to offer, but if you can bring back the look and feeling of youth and health, why not?  I'll tell you why not, because it's always been so hard to do!  Except now I have found a way to be fit again that isn't a total drag.  I hope this is a good enough start.  There are so many things I do want to say about building beauty on the inside and the outside.  This seems like a good place to say them.

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