Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Can't wait

So the holiday weekend has passed without too much damage.  What is it about 2 glasses of wine that can bump the scale up 2 pounds the next day?  Is there some cosmic law that states that all things are fattening in direct proportion to how much you enjoy them?  Doesn't matter.  I'm deeply optimistic these days.  Whenever I overeat, I just tell myself I'm building muscle with the extra calories.  Of course this only works if you actually get to the gym, and I have, and I did, so there.  The so there is not for you kind readers, it's for the judgemental voice in my head.  (Wait, you'll never believe this, according to spell check, "judgemental" isn't a word.  Unless I spelled it wrong.)  I think I'll have to give her a name so that we can dialogue.  At any rate, I'm eager to start The third Turbulence Training challenge on 9/9.  This is where I'll be waxing philosophical on the hows and whys of my physical transformation.  Good luck to all, and let's all stay in the game!  P.S. just looked up judgemental-drop the e!

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