Saturday, September 6, 2008

So what is it really?

I saw a quote in In Style magazine lately by the lovely Beyonce.   "True happiness and confidence"  are her only beauty secrets, she says.   In other words, beauty works from the inside out.  I can think of a number of people of average looks who I'm always delighted to see, and I can also think of a number of extremely physically attractive folks who just seem to suck all of the air out of a room.  So while we're on this journey toward beauty, we have to nurture our happiness in order to arrive at our destination.  How does this hook up with eating right and exercising smart?  I think it's important to find the fun eating right and working out.  How?  Well for starters, appreciate what your body can do right now.  Kneeling pushups all you can handle?  All right then, get down and do that kneeling pushup with beautiful form and full range of motion.  Egg white omelet with vegetables for breakfast?  OK them, make sure you have your absolute favorite veg on hand to throw in there.  Lately, I started thinly slicing a bit of eggplant and sauteing it in just a little bit of olive oil before adding my other veggies with the chicken broth I usually cook them in.  The eggplant adds a wonderful richness to the dish.  Believe me, I love rich foods  and it's so important to find ways to stay satisfied!
     Now here's a story I'd like to share about push ups.  Years ago, my mom was working with a Native American personal trainer.  I would join their sessions whenever I was in town, and he had the most interesting thing to say about why push ups work so well.  "Push ups make you lose weight," he said.  Well of course they do, but he was talking about more than just the calories they burn.  "Your body wants to do what you ask of it," he continued.  If you attempt push ups, and they are difficult for you, but you continue to strive for them,  your muscles won't just get stronger, all the sympathetic systems in your body will work together to lose weight so than you can do push ups.  In other words, the body will say to itself, "Oh, this physical action is important to Catherine, let's let go of some excess weight so that she can do them."  It may sound odd, but as far as your body is concerned, those push ups might be crucial for your very survival, so it will do what it can to see that you can do them.  I hope that after reading this, your push ups bring you even more satisfaction.


  1. I think this is true... and there are so many good bodyweight exercises: pullups, handstand pushups, not to mention just plain running. This is the way the athletes used to train in the old days. BTW, found your blog thru TTmembers. Good luck with all your goals!

  2. I am so glad I read this blog entry. I can believe what was said about how the body's sympathetic systems get in line to make it easier to do the labor the body needs to do... such as push ups. What a motivator for me. Thank you!


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