Thursday, September 18, 2008

Using Weight

Lately, the issue of what to call a fitness pursuit has come up a couple of times.  It seems that "losing weight" isn't part of a complete goal statement because when you lose something there is an implication that you actually want it back.  Alright then, instead of losing eleven pounds of fat by Dec. 2nd, I am now using 11 pounds of fat by December 2nd, 2008.  I like it.  It states my intention, using fat to fuel my "beauty building," and it rhymes with my old way of saying things.
     I must admit, the past week has had it's ups and downs in terms of motivation.  Sometimes I feel the wind in my sails, and I feel like this journey toward my true self is simply meant to be.  Other days, it feels like every good decision I make requires a supreme effort.  Thankfully, each positive effort has brought me to the easy place again.  Sometimes you have to pull your sled, but then you get to ride it.  Please, please please, can I ride the sled down past 130 pounds?  Of course I can.


  1. I like to use the words "I released" when it comes to weight reduction. For example, "I released 18 pounds in the last 12 weeks." (BTW, I just did that! Yea!)

    I really like the phrase "building beauty". I like it better then "body building." The latter sounds so masculine. Besides, I already have a body. I want more beauty!

    Thanks for the welcome over at ttmembers. I am XeniaR there.

  2. I like the phrase, "using the weight". When you think about it, you are dropping fat and building muscle (replacing a fatty mass with a denser muscular mass...resulting in a decrease in overall mass). Over the weekend my neighbor said to me, "you look like you lost some weight". I had to really think about it, cause I only dropped 2lbs. I told her that I didn't really lose that much (2lbs on a 214lb body), I just moved it around a bit.

    Later Kat,

    Mike Z (smoketheblowfish)


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