Friday, May 1, 2009

Change For The Better

I can hardly believe it's been a year since I got shocked into starting Turbulence Training. (Click this link if you want to try it too!)Click Here!. It wasn't long after my son's birthday, and I was watching a video of his party. Normally I would have been behind the camera, but my friend Kristin happily took over the task so that I'd be able to enjoy the party more. They say that the camera adds ten pounds, but it sure doesn't add thirty or forty, and that's how overweight I looked. You can pull in your stomach, and avoid full length mirrors, but nothing shows you the truth of the matter quite like moving pictures. I had ordered the program a few weeks before, but now I was determined to work it. One year, two successful transformation contests, and 30 pounds later Turbulence Training has led me to some major changes in my life. I have embraced so many things again that I thought I had left behind, like singing and dancing in public again. The most amazing thing to me though, is that I'm going to be teaching TT boot camps myself, and all of the logistics are coming together. I have been working part time as a choreographer for the past five years, and that experience has dovetailed beautifully into the opportunity to teach TT boot camp workouts at the studio where I have continued to take dance classes. Yes, I bought Craig Ballantyne's boot camp package, and the workouts are straightforward, challenging, and they don't require any equipment. Memorizing the sequence of exercises and picking the music went smoothly. The big leap for me is in having the confidence to bring these workouts to the public in my home town. I'm doing a test class on Monday at the studio to run trough the workout and make sure it all goes smoothly. See my next post to find out how it goes!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Results of TT 4

"Whew!"  The twelve weeks of the latest Turbulence Training transformation are done, and I lost 10 more pounds, and another 4% of my body fat.  So what am I going to do with this new body?  Put it back on stage, that's what.  I've booked the Opera Hall here in Sonora, and my husband and I will be producing our variety show, "Too Darn Hot"  on July 25th, 2009.  On a journey to transform your body, or anything else for that matter, it helps to have a reason behind the reason.  A fit body is wonderful in and of itself, but it's even easier to eat right and exercise when you know that this behavior will bring you closer to a cherished dream.  Now for some pictures.  I'm not done transforming my body though.  The goal for me is 117 pounds and 20% body fat.  The difference is that I will pursue that in the course of my regular lifestyle, as opposed to going after it all in the course of a 12 week transformation.  Looking forward to picking my next set of TT workouts, and seeing where they take me.