Friday, March 27, 2009

Results of TT 4

"Whew!"  The twelve weeks of the latest Turbulence Training transformation are done, and I lost 10 more pounds, and another 4% of my body fat.  So what am I going to do with this new body?  Put it back on stage, that's what.  I've booked the Opera Hall here in Sonora, and my husband and I will be producing our variety show, "Too Darn Hot"  on July 25th, 2009.  On a journey to transform your body, or anything else for that matter, it helps to have a reason behind the reason.  A fit body is wonderful in and of itself, but it's even easier to eat right and exercise when you know that this behavior will bring you closer to a cherished dream.  Now for some pictures.  I'm not done transforming my body though.  The goal for me is 117 pounds and 20% body fat.  The difference is that I will pursue that in the course of my regular lifestyle, as opposed to going after it all in the course of a 12 week transformation.  Looking forward to picking my next set of TT workouts, and seeing where they take me.

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