Wednesday, September 29, 2010

100% Fat Loss Boot Camp Success!

So I'm looking back at that post from over a year ago and shaking my head at myself. They say we learn more from failure than success, and I have irrefutable proof! Looking back on my boot camp experiment, it was an epic fail, and a total success. How can this be? Simple, I only had two students, and they both succeeded beyond my wildest expectations. Both dropped a dress size in 4 weeks, and one has permanently changed the way she approaches exercise. She also has arm definition she never had before, a defined waist, and a strong desire to keep increasing her overall fitness. Because of the deep insecurities I was still feeling back then, I simply didn't advertise and promote my classes. I just put up a sign at the dance studio and called my friends. Frankly, I got exactly what I wanted, a safe atmosphere where I could try out something new.
Now I realize that whenever I've gone after anything I truly desired, I've often failed at first. When I first started showing horses like my older sisters, I couldn't even place sixth out of seven in any event I entered. Within four years, with lots of help from talented, patient trainers, my horse and I were champions in several events. When I took my first dance class at age 19, I was definitely the worst dancer in the room. By age 23, I had choreographed my first show, which was, by the way, another epic failure! The LA Weekly said, "The dancers start off clumsy and untalented, and they don't get any better". Youch. What a frightening joy it is to be a beginner.
On November 17th, 2010 I will be giving a talk called, "You Can Transform Your Body" in the great room at Stage 3 Theatre in Sonora, California. There are only 60 seats, so it should be easy to fill the room with friends and family. Hey, they only have to sit and listen to me talk, so I should get more than two! Will it be a success or a failure? It doesn't matter. Like showing my horse or creating dances, it's something I simply long to do.