Thursday, October 14, 2010


In anticipation of future success, I'd better start writing down what I'm eating and how I'm moving in order to get my results.  I did some research on line last night, and I found some good information, but a lot of it wasn't all that specific.  Besides, posting this info will help keep me ultra accountable, which will be very helpful.  I would definitely like to follow other bloggers who are doing something similar.
     Here are my menus for the past two days:
2 eggs served over spinach, mushrooms, and 1/4 cup salsa, 2 slices lean canadian bacon.
4 oz turkey breast, 7oz. mixed green salad with low calorie sugar free dressing, 4oz. cooked spinach w/salsa,1/2 cantaloupe w/2T sugar free cool whip and cinnamon.
4oz. chicken breast, 10oz broccoli and spinach w/salsa
Extras- 2oz cream for coffee, organic olive oil Pam, I can't Believe It's not butter spray, 8 glasses of water, 2- 0 calorie smart waters.
1,000 calories, way lower that my intention!
Tuesday's workout:  TT Resistance Evil Workout C
Warmup X 2
Bodyweight Squat- 15 reps
Arm Crosses- 12 per side
Stick Ups- 10 reps
Prisoner Forward Lunges- 10/side
Push Ups- 18
Leg Swings- 15 per side
Psoas Stretch- 20 seconds per side.
Oops, time flies, and it's tome to walk the dog, the rest later!

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