Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Did Anyone Get the Name of that Sugar Truck?

Did the fat loss planet go retrograde yesterday?  I got stressed while ordering new phone service, started with a few handfuls of mixed nuts, then half of Colin's leftover kit kat from the movies on Sunday, then...ugh.  My punishment will be having to do TT Resistance Evil  workout C with a sugar hangover.
Here is today's clean menu:
Breakfast- 2 eggs over 4 oz mixed spinach and mushrooms w/3T salsa, 2 slices canadian bacon, coffee w/half and half (2oz. over the course of the day)
Lunch- 4oz turkey breast, 7oz. mixed green salad, 7 oz. mixed green vegetable, salsa.
Dinner- 4 oz top sirloin, 7 oz. mixed green salad w/sugar free dressing, 7 oz. broccoli.
Opt. Honey crisp apple for a snack.
I will continue high volume until I weigh in on Thursday.  My plan was to switch back to measured Atkins induction on Oct. 26th (2 weeks before the shoot) I may switch back starting Friday if I don't see any change on the 21st.  I know that this is when I've really got to want it to get to the next level.
     Something significant did happen yesterday that may have contributed to my "Girls Gone Wild in the Kitchen" episode.  Two different women came up to me after yoga yesterday to comment on my weight loss. Both gave me lovely complements, one even saying that it looked like I'd had a breakthrough.  In the past, I have often had a serious episode of eating junk right after reaching an important goal.  I know it's the fear of change and responsibility that goes along with success that's operating here.  What is different now is that I want a life of health and happiness more than I want to avoid the work that goes along with it.  Besides, the work, (eating well, fitness, communicating,) is all made up of things I truly want to do.  If you find yourself faced with an episode like this I hope you can recognize it for what it is before before it gets in your way.  If not, learn from it and move on to something that makes you feel good again.

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