Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Four Weeks to the Photo Shoot

 In exactly four weeks I will be suiting up in the famous white bikini.

 I'll have to take it in, and staring down the camera lens. 

What kind of self tanner should I use? 

Should I get my hair cut and colored a week before, or the day before? 

I'm 46, will I genuinely look good, or am I deluding myself? 

Can good lighting really hide cellulite?

 Whatever the answers are to those questions, I am committed, excited, and eager to do whatever it takes to make November 9th a great day.

So just what are my goals for November 9th, and how am I going to achieve them? First, I will be following a clean, high volume, nutrient dense eating plan that comes in at 1400 calories a day. Here is the complete nutrition plan:
My only "treats" will be an occasional glass of wine that I plan for ahead of time. My workouts for the next three weeks will be the Turbulence Training Resistance Evil program, followed by TT Adrenaline. I will enter my meals into Fit Day, and I will post my workouts and menus here, not just for accountability, but in the sincere hope that a reader or two out there might be inspired to go after their ideal body as well. As far as a target weight goes, this will allow me to lose 1 pound a week so my goal weight on picture day will be 115 lbs.
I seem to be running up against quite a few warnings about how hard it is to get lean and beautiful bodylines. Some trainers still write not just about effort, which I expect, but about pain and sacrifice. I just don't think pain is at all necessary, and how can giving up sweets and late nights in front of the TV be called a sacrifice when it makes me feel so good? Isn't it possible to enjoy this journey? I certainly think so, and I promise to let you know.
Update: Here is the result of the 4 week plan I followed:

 I'm writing a short series of posts on the topic: "The Three Biggest Myths About Weight Loss," and I'm getting ready to write about myth #2 today: "Move More."

Changing "move more" to "Train Better," made all the difference. The shift to resistance training and intervals allowed me to start burning fat. What's more, I began building the muscle that permanently changed my metabolism, helped improve my insulin sensitivity, and brought back my motivation and zest for life.
It's 2021 now, and good meatbolic health is more important than ever.
I hope you'll follow me as I commit to growing in strength and happiness, because I want you to experience the joy of developing more strength, flexibility, and balance in body and mind.
Be well, train for love, and eat for yourself, Catherine Best Gordon
Note: the Turbulence Training Program is still available here: Get Turbulence Training

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  1. What do you recommend for a self tanner? I need to use one for my final pictures in TC 9? I have no knowledge of these things. How many weeks before hand do I need to start for it to look right?

    BTW this is 'larmer' from TT Forums. Trying for a six pack and not doing well at it.


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