Saturday, October 9, 2010

Have You Had the Dream?

Last night, I had a dream of my ideal body. I was in a theatre waiting to fly. If you've ever seen the musical, "Peter Pan", you'll know what kind of flying I'm talking about. You wear a belt with cables attached, get hoisted up, and away you go. In the dream I was the third person to fly, and when it was my turn, I flew right out of the theatre and into a beautiful spring day. The freedom was incredible, and I didn't come down until I landed to intervene in an argument between two beautiful teenage girls. I remember thinking in the dream, "What am I doing? These girls are just going to stop yelling at each other and go after me for interrupting their fight." But they didn't, as soon as I started talking to them, they started asking me questions: "How do you fly? Are you a dancer?"
Now for the interpretation. The flying out of the theatre represents the freedom to go out and take action in the world without fear. The two arguing teenagers represent the people I hope to inspire to change. Notice that they are beautiful already without changing, and that even though I'm afraid of them, they respond with interest and acceptance.
I am convinced that transformation begins with the belief that you will change for the better. This belief can be nurtured through visualization and dreaming. So please, during your busy day, take some time to dream up your own ideal. It's fun, it's free, and it works.

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