Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let's Get Down To Business

So if I'm going to lose the last ten pounds, I have to know exactly where I'm starting from, so here are the stats as of 6:00AM this morning:
Height: (This is not going to change:)) 5'1"
Weight- 119
Neck- 11.5"
Waist- 24"
Abdomen- (Right across the pooch I want to eliminate, very important!) 32"
Hip/Seat- (You know, the widest point) 35.5
Thigh- widest point- 20.5" My thighs are my personal mini storage for "energy" ie-fat
Now I realize these measurements may seem pretty low to someone of average height, but I am a shorty, and I am specifically going for my ideal body. I want to see what's possible, how hard it will be, and if it's worth it in the end. I've checked what my BMI will be, and it will be in the normal range. A few months ago, I read Daniel Coyle's "The Talent Code", and he wrote about how some of the very best coaches in the world are people who had a cherished goal and failed to reach it. These coaches become passionate about discovering where they went wrong, and learning how to teach their students to do better than they did. As a young woman, I spent 11 years pursuing an acting career in Los Angeles. Although I worked in the theatre all the time, I couldn't break into film and television in any significant way. I remember that when I could diet down below 120 lbs, right where I am now, I could easily get on camera jobs like non-union commercials, infomercials, and student films, but even though I would sometimes get a major audition, I couldn't land the job. Maybe the problem was my acting, but what I could never seem to do In the pursuit of my dream of a career was to stay at a weight that was similar to that of the young women who were working consistently. Yes, that was 15-20 years ago, but darn it, I still want to achieve that goal. My success may not launch a career in television, but it will give me the knowledge and insight to help others who have the same goal. Who knows, there could be a gifted young actor out there right now who just needs a little guidance, or a lot, to gain the body confidence to pursue her dreams. As far as overdoing it goes, and we all know that some actors go for shocking thinness nowadays, I will restrict my efforts to working with those who want to stay in the normal BMI range.
So now, it's time to conduct the grand experiment on myself! More on the nuts and bolts later.

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