Friday, October 15, 2010

More Details

Gotta keep my promises! Here's yesterday's menu:
Breakfast- 2 eggs cooked with organic olive oil Pam,  4 oz mixed fresh spinach and mushrooms, 1/4 cup salsa, 2 slices lean canadian bacon.
Lunch- 4oz. turkey breast, 7oz mixed green salad with sugar free low calorie dressing, 6oz. fresh yellow squash cooked in Pam with 4T salsa, I Can't believe it's not Butter spray, 1 large honey crisp apple.
Snack- 2 slices turkey breast with mustard.
Dinner- 4 oz. chicken breast, 7oz. mixed green salad with sugar free dressing, 7oz. asparagus with 4T salsa and butter spray, 8 oz mixed berries w/2T sugar free cool whip and cinnamon.
Coffee/decaf w/ real cream- several cups= 2 oz heavy cream
Calories according to Fit Day- 1,284
This is a very high volume diet.  I'll have to post a picture to show you just how big lunch and dinner are.  The point for me is to get satisfied.  Thursday, today, is the day I get on the scale, and I'm still at the same weight as last week, but there are definitely places where I can make my menu even cleaner if I have to.  I followed the advice of a poster over at and tried on my smallest pair of jeans and they are definitely a bit looser, so I'm not going to stress over the lack of movement on the scale, just yet.  Wow, I am going to have to get up earlier in  order to post before walking Tippy.  It was so dark when I got up this morning that a walked right into him and nearly fell over.  Later: the workout, and how I got trough an emotional slump that was urging me to eat, eat eat!

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