Saturday, October 30, 2010

Only 11 Days to the Photo Shoot

     Only one more Turbulence Training Resistance Evil workout left in this series, and I will certainly miss this program! 
     Thursday's workout was great with progression on nearly all weights and reps, but today it was all I could do to keep up with last weeks numbers.
Warm-up: 2X through
Bodyweight Squats- 15
Arm Crosses- 12 each side
Stick ups- 10 reps
Prisoner Lunge- 10 each side
Offset Push Up- 8 each side
Leg Swings-15 reps/side
Psoas Stretch-20 sec./side
Workout A
KB Swings(30)-20lb,20lb,25lb
2(A) Split Jumps- 6/sideX3
2(B) Pull Up (assisted) 9,9,9
2(C) Spiderman Push Up- 7,7,7
3(A) BB Lunge- 10/sideX3-35lb
3(B) DB Row 15/side- 20lb.3(C) Decline Push Up- 15X3
4 KB swings- 30X25X3
 The last few days have been stressful and hectic, and even though I kept my calories where they should be, I didn't get much water in and I know better! Whenever my progress stalls falling behind on my water is usually one of the issues. Several times this week I've been faced with being hungry at the end of my meals. This is pretty typical as I rarely feel full 20 minutes after I start eating. It's usually more like 45. Sometimes I'll look up at the clock two hours after eating dinner and think, ok now I really feel full. I am getting a lot more skilled at being able to get up from the table and give myself time to feel satisfied before eating more. Mindfulness and awareness can be very helpful in halting overeating, but it takes a lot of focus. I do my best to stop and think about my short and long term goals and all of the pleasure i'll get out of reaching them. Thankfully I do believe that I will reach them, and that makes the discipline worth it.
As for today, it's 4:30 my time, and I've already had seven glasses of water, so that good habit is back in place. It's eleven days until the photo shoot so there's no more room for messing around. The scale just doesn't want to drop below 119, but if it was all smooth sailing, I wouldn't end up learning anything new from the experience.

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