Thursday, October 21, 2010

What happens when you finally like what you see in the mirror?

Starting week 3 of Turbulence Training Resistance Evil
Workout "A" The Hated
Warm Up- 2 times through
Arm Crosses- 12 each side
Stick ups- 10
Prisoner forward lunge- 10/side
Elevated Push Ups- 8/side
Leg Swings- 15 per side
Psoas Stretch- 20 sec. per side
Workout A:
KB swings- 30x20lbsx3 sets
2A) Split Jumps- 6,6,6
 B) Pull Up (Assisted) 9,9,9
 C) Spiderman Push up- 6,6,6
3 A) BB lunge- Bar, Bar, Bar- knee all the way to the floor on each rep.
  B) DB row- 20lbsX15x3
  C) Decline push ups- 15,15,15
4 KB swings- 25X30X30

     I increased reps or weight for all exercises except the BB lunge, finally taking me to the point where I wasn't exactly enjoying the last rep or two.  Actually, during my rests I was actively debating with myself whether I had enjoyed them or not.  I mean, if something takes a lot of effort and is uncomfortable, but still exhilarating because you are getting better at it, aren't you enjoying it in spite of the effort?
     Eating is going well with the low carb menu keeping me feeling contented throughout the day at an average of 1300 calories.  I must say I miss seeing the beautiful nutrition pie chart I would get at Fit Day when I was doing my high volume plan, but I'll be returning to it in a few weeks.  Yesterday, I put on the swim suit and shoes I'll be wearing for the shoot, and for the first time ever I was deeply happy with the person I saw in the mirror.  Even on my wedding day, my head was in such a whirl, and I think I remember wishing I was a little bit leaner.  Well, now I am, and it's  a strange and wonderful feeling.  I am approaching the place where nothing will be standing between me and the person I want to be anymore.  Honestly it leaves me feeling somewhat adrift. I'm also asking myself, why is it that I didn't figure this out until I was 44?  (That's when my transformation journey started, now I'm 46.)  Who knows what would have happened if I'd been able to get and stay lean when I was pursuing an acting career 20 years ago?  But then, I look at my husband and son and I know it all worked out the way it was supposed to.  Besides, "46 year old woman gets the figure of her dreams" is more interesting than, "24 year old girl loses 10 pounds."  Speaking of those last 10 pounds, since it's Thursday, I got on the scale- no change in my weight, but the measuring tape tells a different story.
Chest- 34"
Waist- 23.5"
High Hip/abdomen- 33"
Hip- widest point- 34.5"
Thigh- widest point- 20"
Calf- 14"
Arm- 10.5
Confession- After I took these measurements I googled around looking for celebrity measurements.  I have to laugh.  One of my most strongly held beliefs about being able to maintain your personal ideal body is that self acceptance is the first step on this particular journey of a thousand miles.  Clearly I'm still looking for validation outside myself.  That's all right for now.  In weight training and in life it's all about progression.

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