Sunday, November 7, 2010

Be Careful What You Wish For

So I've been wanting to get below 119, and see my tummy flatten out, and I got my wish. Stomach flu- yuck! Luckily it didn't hit until after I did  TT Adrenaline yesterday. Ugh, I nursed Colin through it on Thursday night and let him stay on the couch with TV and another Lego set on Friday. I think I'll download something trashy onto my iPhone and crawl into bed for several hours. I start to feel better, then I move around, try to eat something, and realize what a bad idea it was. But I did treat myself to a rare banana for the potassium, that was nice.
TT Adrenaline Workout B
Warm Up-
Prisoner Squat- 12 reps
Arm Crosses-10/side
Close grip push up- 8
Prisoner forward lunge- 8/side
Duck unders- 6/side
Leg Swings- 15/side
Spiderman Climb- 8/side
1A) Lunge Jump- 6/side
B) Inchworm- 6
C) KB snatch- 15lbX10/sideX3
2A) Bulgarian Split Squat- 10/sideX15lb dumb bells X3 (I remember when I used to do these with no weight at all!)
B)SB Jack knife push ups- 15
C) KB Swing- 20X25lbsX3
3 A) SB hip extension leg curl- 15X3
B) SB plank 60 sec.X3
C) Sprint- (3X8 sec. 12 sec. rest)
This workout definitely inspires me to work harder. I just have to finish those sprints. It's the drive toward mastery that keeps the reward greater than the effort.

     So I'm back after a Sunday of reading, a bit of foam rolling, and some very light chores.  I just entered my daily menu over at Fit Day, and I'm right back up to 1,200 calories, including a pear, a banana, and an ounce of almonds, which are some of the foods I've been missing lately.  I think I may have really stumbled onto something good with the idea of switching between low carb and high volume eating.  The key is to keep satisfaction high and boredom low.  I'll be in a low carb mode tomorrow to keep bloat at bay for pictures on Tuesday.  Yes, it's the return of the white bikini. The bottoms are new, as the old ones just don't fit anymore, and I ordered a similar suit in a smaller size as well.  I set my goal at 115 pounds six weeks ago, and it looks like I'll be coming in at 117/118.  That's just fine, as the number on the scale isn't everything, and I wanted to know what I could achieve at a reasonable calorie level for my height.  Hey, 117 was my senior prom weight, now that's something to be proud of at 46, and back then I was probably living on bagels and Tab!

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