Sunday, November 28, 2010

Follow Your Passion, All the Way to Your Goal Weight

For years I've been reading and hearing the phrase "Follow your Passion".  This, I've been assured is the path to excellence, even genius-  happiness, even wealth.  I always thought I knew what my passion was.  I loved to act, sing and dance, and I was good, sometimes very good.  The only thing standing in my way was my weight.  Let's face it, what do actors and dancers have in common?  That's right, slendrosity.  No, that's not a word, it's a way of being, and it's what I've been single-mindedly and passionately pursuing ever since I was a girl.  Only in the past two and a half years have the eating, moving, and thinking come together enough so that I could make lasting changes.

So where was my passion leading?

Ever since I decided to give that talk on transformation on November 17th, I've had a powerful feeling that I needed to have more to offer.  My audience deserved to hear from someone with more tools, technique, and credibility to back up her obvious enthusiasm.  Today I did it.  I made the commitment and bought the self-study course bundle for the ACE Personal Trainer Certification.  I went all the way and even paid for the exam.  I have to take it in the next twelve months or the funds are lost.  Take that procrastination!  The feeling I got from making this decision was, and is, amazing!  Life coach Martha Beck writes that you can tell a good decision from the feeling of freedom it gives you.  She calls it "Shackles Off".  I feel it, I really do!  I have worked so hard, happily, since April of 2008 to arrive at this point.  Ever since I wrote my first post to support a member over at  TT, I started to discover a powerful truth first hand.  We receive what we want for others.  I started this journey to build an aspirational body as a middle aged mom, trying to shed the baby fat that never came off, even after seven years of effort.  Now, I'm standing on the threshold of losing those elusive last five pounds, and I know that I want to be involved with fitness forever.  I have found the passion that makes it possible to pursue everything else you can hope for.  Fitness.  Ever since I won the second  Turbulence Training Transformation Contest back in 2008 I've been giving this advice to people who wanted to shape the body of their dreams:  "First, answer this question.  What do you want that beautiful body for?"  Find the reason behind the reason, and you can win.

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