Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Less Than One Week To the Photo Shoot!

   In the interest of motivational science I will be posting what I'm doing to get ready for the shoot on Tuesday with as much detail as possible. 

Yesterday was my last Turbulence Training Resistance Evil Workout  Farewell "Rez. E.", I loved getting to know you better. I was not feeling well yesterday. I think I picked something up at the Halloween carnival on Friday. Colin didn't get to trick or treat on Sunday because he was sick and had a fever. (Don't worry, we got him a 631 piece LEGO set to make up for it and he was quite content.) One thing I have noticed is that I often perform better when I feel a little bit "off". I think it's because it makes me focus on technique even more. This is true when I sing and dance as well. Here are the numbers-
Workout C
Warm up 2X through (See previous posts for warm up exercises)
KB Snatch- 15lbX10/sideX5sets
2A-DB RDL- 10X25sX3
2B- Triple Stop Push Ups- 8X3
3A- 1 Leg Squat- 10/sideX3
3B- Renegade Row- 15lbX10/sideX3 (I'm very proud of the progression on these.)
4 Triple Shoulder raise 10/move 10lbX10X3 for ex. 1 and 3- 5lbX10X3 for exercise 2
5A- Incline curl- 10lbsX8X3
5B- 1 arm overhead tricep extension- 7.4X10X3
5C- Hammer Curls- 10lb.X10X3

Yesterday's menu-The Nitty Gritty- This is what I want to know- "What did you eat?!"
I switched from Atkins back to high volume after breakfast. Lean and green plus fruit, no dairy, no grains, lots of water with a bit of fresh lemon juice in each glass. Under 1200 calories each day. Wish me luck and here goes:
Water with lemon- at least 10 glasses
2 egg omelet with 1/2 ounce brie
2 slices canadian bacon
coffee with 1T heavy cream
1/2 cup coconut milk beverage- unsweetened- 50 cal/cup. (Please note that this is "Coconut Milk Beverage", not coconut milk- that's like 500 calories per cup! I'm using this in my coffee to replace dairy.)
2oz. chicken breast, 2oz. lean ham, mixed green vegetables (6oz.) 2T salsa, low cal sugar and fat free dressing-2T, 1 medium honey crisp apple
2 chicken thighs- skin removed
7 oz. asparagus
6oz. mixed green salad w/2T low cal dressing
3T salsa
Try weighing your salad of lettuce, spinach, tomato and cucumber on a scale. You will probably be shocked to see how big it is. Find a low cal sugar free dressing you like and you will have a genuine secret weapon for keeping satisfaction up and hunger/cravings low.
Calories (Fit Day)- 1,189 (Remember, I'm only 5'1" and this is as low as I ever want to go on calories.)
So there it is, and I feel great today. My shoes for the DVD came yesterday- 4 inch beige patent leather pumps with a 1/2 inch platform under the ball of the foot. Yee-hah! Who am I trying to be, the "Charro" of transformation motivation?

I am setting the intention right now to get as much useful information as I can into this blog over the course of this week.  It will help me to stay focused, and I hope it will help anyone reading it to get or stay inspired.  Comment and ask questions if you like!

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