Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rewards and Realities

I have learned so much from the experience of preparing for the photo shoot over the past four weeks. I realize that I have approached it with the attitude of a curious amateur, and I encourage anyone who has toyed with the idea of booking a session with a trusted professional to take the plunge.
Four weeks ago, I weighed 119 pounds, and my measurements were:
Waist- 24" (Yes, I suck it in when I measure my waist!)
Abdomen-32" (Across "pooch")
Seat- 35.5" (Widest part)
Thigh- 20.5" (Widest part)
Calf- 14.5"

Yesterday morning I weighed 118 pounds, and my measurements were:
Neck- 11"
Waist- 24"

So what leaps out at me first is the very small weight loss. Only one pound over four weeks of serious commitment. Not to say that they were free of deviation, and I did experiment with my old friend chardonnay on several occasions during that time, but I really did think that I was in a calorie deficit 90% of the time. But then look at the inches lost, especially the amazing 2" off of my long time nemesis The Pooch! My waistline has never been much of a problem, but drop down two inches and what was stored there never wanted to budge. So what do I think explains the change? I toggled back and forth between Low Carb/High Volume eating, and even when I was eating high volume my carbs were relatively low. Also, except on days when I fell off the wagon, this was essentially a sugar free diet. What is hard is that, due to the bout of stomach flu I had, I was not able to keep a good record of what I ate from Saturday to Tuesday. What I can tell you is that I did eliminate all dairy for the final week, and that probably had something to do with flattening my stomach. Also, I made absolutely sure I got in more than eight glasses of water a day, often with fresh lemon juice added.
It's time to get Colin ready for school, and then head to yoga, but I'll be back with the products I used to look my best in the pictures.

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