Monday, November 15, 2010

Two Days to the Transformation Talk!

"Before" May of 2008
"After" 11/9/2010

Here is the very first post I put up on the message boards over at  Hello everyone, I'm Catherine, and I'm still shaking my head at my before pictures. I don't know if I've been fooling myself, or if my bathroom just has really good lighting, but enough is enough! Here's more good news:
Thigh- 24" (My waist used to be this small.)

My husband took my pictures yesterday,(bless his brave heart), so my official start was May 9th. I've started with the TT for fat loss intermediate level, and I'm going with a "nothing out of a bag or box" balanced eating plan. I've already set up my account on Fit Day. I'll add more details after the shock wears off. See you on the boards, Catherine
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I look at the woman in those pictures and I wonder, "Did she really believe that she could change her body that much, keep it off for two years, and have the time of her life while she was at it?"  Well, here I am, still at it, still learning, and so grateful for the opportunity to share my enthusiasm with anyone who has a similar dream.  (I noticed that I listed my height as 5'2".  I'm actually closer to 5'1".  Is there anything sillier to fudge than one's height?  It should be obvious to everyone how short I am!)  Argh!  Time flies when there's work to do and more to write.  More on the shoot later!

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  1. I want what you have! You look so beautiful, it is shining from the inside out. I wish I was closer so I could have come to your event last night. I'm sure it was a success!


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