Monday, December 27, 2010

"The better is the enemy of the good." Volitaire

     There is something special about these days between Christmas and the new year.  They are often quiet days spent reading, thinking, or playing with toys if you're lucky enough to be a child.  This time of year tends to turn my head around as I seem to want to look forward and backward at the same time.  I'll have to look up Janus and see if he ever got anywhere in life.

    This time a year ago I made a simple promise to myself that no matter what, I would weigh less than 120 pounds on Jan. 1st of  2011.  I did it.  How wonderful.  It's interesting because I wrote right here on this blog that I wanted to lose the last ten pounds, which would have put me at 113.  That was the goal as of a few months ago, and I did not reach it.  I did come close though, and I took third place in the women over 40 category of the Turbulence Training transformation contest.  That was incredibly gratifying, especially as this group of challengers was one of the warmest and funniest ever.

     So now I have a choice.  I can look at the number 120 and consider it a failure or a success.  I don't think anyone will be surprised I'm choosing success.  It's true, 113 might look even better on me, but 120 looks good, and I intend to enjoy that fact to the utmost.  Next year at this time though, I fully intend to weigh 110, or evan a bit less.  If it worked last year there's a good chance it will work again!  What is the plan to make that happen?  Here's the formula:  E+M/T.  That stands for Eating plus Movement over Time.  The idea is to find the way of eating and the way of moving that keeps you advancing toward your weight goal over time.  As I meet more and more people who have reached their figure goals I become even more convinced that the foods that make up "E" and the exercises that make up "M" are highly individual.  There are some diets and workouts that work for many different people, but the closer you come to your ultimate goal the more individual and unique your efforts will be.  The key is to stay curious, and be willing to make a mistake from time to time.  Later, I'll come back and write about why I believe that a willingness to look foolish is the greatest indicator of your future success.  Now, it's time for lunch, and to take our son to spend his Christmas money.  (Now you know why this post will have to be just good enough for now.)

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  1. EMT is truly the way I am finding physical balance - having now reached a healthier weight which I haven't seen in 3 years and YES it feels so good to realize that intentionally sticking to a plan will get you down the road - I can now wear a bikini again and I'm turning 47. What ever plan you use it is important to embrace it and find the little things to cheer yourself on and keep your self going - if you embrace positive attitude and use the great tool of intent to transform bad habits you can create your own success!


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