Thursday, December 2, 2010

My 12 week transformation Contest Results

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First, The Facts

Age- 46
Height- 5'1"
Starting Weight- 123 lbs. Weight at Finish- 117
Starting Body fat Percentage- Measurements by the same trainer at my gym at start and finish.
Start- 24.4% Finish- 21% on the nose.

Starting Measurements: 

Neck- 12"
Chest- 34"
Waist- 25"
Hip- 35.75
Thigh (widest point) 21"
Calf- 14.5"
Arm- 10.5

At Finish:
Neck- 11"
Chest- 33.5"
Waist- 23.5"
Hip- 34"
Thigh- (widest point) 19.5
Calf- 13.5
Arm- 10.5

(What really surprised the trainer who measured me was the drop in my neck and calf measurements. She said it was rare to see these continue to drop so much in someone who has been pursuing fat loss long term.)

So How Did I Do It?

It's not a Lifestyle. It's a Love Affair.

The key to permanent fat loss is the ability to find away of eating, and a way of moving, that allows you to reach your goals over time: without driving you insane. Back in April of 2008 I finally found a way of exercising that provided the right results and the right amount of challenge without sapping my time or my energy. As a matter of fact, Turbulence Training increased my energy and my feelings of well being to an extraordinary degree. The wonderful paradox of finding of finding the right training program is that the time you spend working the program pays you back in more time feeling happy and productive out in the world.  The three Turbulence Training Workouts that I used were:  TT For Meatheads 4X4, TT Resistance Evil, (No, I will never forget that one!) and an incredible workout for stripping off fat,  TT Adrenaline.

A Love Affair? Really?
Let's look at the facts. When you love something, you plan for it, make time for it, look forward to it, and yes even dress for it. I can't wait to get to the gym. It wasn't always this way. When I first started TT I felt awkward, weak, and sometimes even a little queasy after my interval workouts. After about a month of paying my dues, I hit my stride, and I can honestly say I've never looked back.

What About Eating?
I also believe that you've got to learn to love the way you eat. I established a calorie budget of 1400 calories (remember, I'm 5'1'), and I stuck with it 90% of the time. That makes for about 8 days out of 84 that were well over budget. How did I learn to love the way I ate? I am always on the lookout for satisfying food that fits my budget. By switching back and forth between low carb and high volume eating, with an occasional treat, I was able to keep heading in the right direction. Just the other day, I did one Eat Stop Eat fast to reset my appetite after Thanksgiving indulgences. I did try to incorporate sweets and wine into my eating plan, but a little more than halfway through the challenge I had to accept the fact that they were creating too much of an obstacle to overcome. Once I let go, and let them go, the whole process became so much easier.

You Gotta Have Friends.
Here is where I send my gratitude out to Craig Ballantine and everyone at TT One of the biggest hurdles we face is the nagging feeling that the time we spend on fitness is self centered. By joining a community of like minded fitness fans, I found that working out and encouraging other exercisers was actually a generous thing to do. The good feeling I get by giving and receiving support makes me a far more pleasant person out in the real world! Also, when you're happy and you like the way you look, you don't have to buy and eat stuff to make you feel better. Of course, you'll probably need to buy new pants, or at least a belt.

A Word of Encouragement.
Accept yourself exactly as you are right now. Accept that you are worthy of the time, money, and energy it takes to feed and care for yourself properly. Treat yourself the way you would treat a child you love. Oh, and don't forget to play.
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  1. Well done. You look great. BTW you write very well. I have enjoyed reading your posts.

  2. Thanks so much. It just proves the old saying, if you want to be a good writer, write every day!


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