Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year'sRevolution

Are you ready for 1/1/11?  I certainly am.  I don't know when I've stood on the threshold of a new year with as much enthusiasm as I feel today.  It's time to take the lid off of the issues I've been thinking and stewing about for the last two years and see if they're ready to come out.

Back in 2007,  like millions of other people around the world, I ordered and watched a DVD called "The Secret."  This was my first introduction to The Law of Attraction which, apparently,  every successful individual has been using to reach goals since, I don't know, maybe since the concept of goals was invented.  In a nut shell, the secret is that thoughts become things, and we get more of what we focus on.  It's not all that mystical really when you think about it.  Although dreams and desires and motivations may live in our hearts, thought is what makes them conscious and allows us to act on them.  Consciousness and clarity are key.

Looking Back at 2010

I have an e-book on my desktop called, "The Law of Success" by Napoleon Hill.  I was familiar with his book, "Think and Grow Rich" because I had read it about half way through two years ago.  A little background, I have always considered myself to be an underachiever.  The judgmental voice in my head has always enjoyed telling me, "With your advantages Catherine, you should have accomplished a lot more in your life by now."  When you have a voice like that in your head, believe me, you spend a lot of time reading self-help books.  Although I didn't get through "Think and Grow Rich," I stalled out at the mastermind concept, it was all well and good to visualize what I wanted, but to visualize along with other people?  Maybe as a woman I'm afraid of getting together with other women and visualizing because of what happened in Salem back in the 1600's, you know what I mean?  At any rate, what's nice about "The Law of Success" is that it breaks the success process down into 16 lessons.  Now we get to how this course applies to figure transformation.

Although the first chapter of "The Law of Success" deals with the aforementioned Mastermind Concept, which isn't really all that odd, it simply teaches that where two or more minds work in harmony much more can be accomplished than when we work alone.  (Gee, that kind of sounds like social support, doesn't it?)  It is the second chapter that I want to focus on today.  This chapter encourages the reader to have a "Definite  Chief Aim."  That beings us to the New Year's Revolution.  What better place to start practicing the principals of success than with your health and your body?  It's sensible, it's practical, and it works.  If you go back a few posts, you'll read how important it is to take a before picture to help insure your success.  This picture represents point A in your journey, but the Definite Chief Aim is your destination.  You must know where you are going if you're going to have any kind of confidence in your ability to get there.

I hear plenty of people say that New Year's Resolutions aren't very useful, but a Definite Chief Aim certainly is!  When I look back at the three Turbulence Training challenges I've placed in, my game plan has always started with a Definite Chief Aim.

What is your D.C.A.?  Make it vivid, specific, and most of all make it compelling.  Make sure it's something wonderful and desirable that will pull you along with it into the life you truly want.  Later, I'll write about why everyone around you will benefit when you reach your D.C.A for health.  For now I want you to dream big and dig deep.  If I can do it, you can.  And by the way, Happy New Year!


  1. Catherine another great post, thank-you. I have yet to read Hill's book. I had best put it on my 2011 list.

    That is a sexy picture of you. (I hope that is okay to sa.) The weights instead of just flexing create a great effect.

    All the best for you and yours in 2011. Happy New Year.

  2. I love reading your blog... you do a great job of inspiring!


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