Sunday, December 19, 2010

Number One Tip for Fat Loss and Transformation Success

I love it when experts agree with me!  What do Dr. John Berardi, Jennifer Nicole Lee, and Timothy Ferris all cite as the first step to body transformation?  Take a before picture.  If I may wave my freak flag here a little, I know this to be true, as I've made the finals in the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest again.  Now, I am humbled to be included in this group of finalists as their success is stunning.  Two of the men set records for fat loss, where my weight loss was six pounds.  Not bad this close to my ultimate goal, but certainly not a record.  But back to the before picture, and my take on why taking and posting it is such a powerful tool for success.

The Before Picture is a Declaration of Self Acceptance and Intention.

It takes courage to pull on a swimsuit and pull out a camera.  When you're willing to stand under the lights and press the button you are willing to see yourself as you really are in that moment.  By posting the picture, whether it's on the refrigerator or on the internet, you acknowledge that you can see yourself and be seen without disaster occurring or lightning striking.  Then you can step into the gym without fear.  Or at least with a lot less fear.  You are making a statement that the person in the picture is worthy of the time and effort it will take to change.  The before picture is also a declaration that you believe you can change.  There is no way in the world I would have put my original before picture out there if I hadn't been convinced that I had the tools and enthusiasm to make my after picture far far better.

I will never be able to match the dramatic change I achieved back in 2008, but the ongoing improvements are incredibly satisfying.  However long it takes to reach 108 pounds and 18% body fat, by enjoying where I am right now I can make each workout and every meal a pleasure.  Speaking of workouts, TT Hardcore Fat Loss is definitely advancing my fitness skills.  I am now truly comfortable changing the bar height in the squat rack, getting the clips on and off of the barbell, and I'm getting closer every day to my first completely unassisted pull up.  If I'm going to be a trainer, I had better be able to load plates on a barbell, and do pull ups!  Here's Saturday's workout.

TT Hardcore Fat Loss
Day 5
Warm Up:  2 rounds
Y- Squat- 10 reps
Decline Push Ups- 8 reps
Bulgarian Split Squat- 8 reps/side
Spiderman Climb- 10 reps/side

1A) Clean and Press-  (3X5) 65 pounds
 B) 1- Leg Ball Jack Knife- (3X10)  I could only do 2 1 leg reps per side, so I finished with 15 two- legged reps per set.
2A) DB close grip press- 25'sX3X8
  B) BB Split Squat- 65 poundsX3X8reps
3 A) Pull Up- Band Assisted- 5repsX3 sets
  B) Dips- 8 repsX3 sets


  1. Another great post. You have a real skill at writing these blogs. I am going to share this one (again).

  2. That rocks! This is one of those subjects where the more you know, the more questions you have.


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