Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Transformation Contest Ends Tomorrow!

On September 9th, 2010 I started the 9th  Turbulence Training Transformation Contest.  I weighed 123 pounds, and I was looking forward to doing the work I needed to do to get closer to my aspirational body.

 I'd had some warning about the rigors of taking off the last ten pounds, but I wanted to see if I could do it while still enjoying some of the more indulgent pleasures of life. (Like wine and chocolate) I had found a way of working out that I loved, I had scheduled all of my workouts for the 12 week contest, and I had several eating techniques planned to keep me within my calorie budget of around 1350 calories.  Well here we are 12 weeks later, and it looks like my total weight loss is going to be Six Pounds.  That's certainly better than zero pounds, but I had set my goal at 113 pounds or less.  I followed the advice that you have to aim for what you really want or the drive to succeed won't be powerful enough.  You also have to balance that with picking a realistic goal that doesn't set you up for failure.  Now a six pound weight loss over 12 weeks is certainly not failure.  It's halfway to success, and I have learned so much.

Patience and persistence are not cutting edge concepts.  They are qualities that parents have been trying to instill in their children ever since the world began I suspect.  I should have known.  I probably did know all along.  I will persist, and be patient, and finally see for myself what it takes to build the figure I dream about.

It's just going to take more time.

Here are the numbers from my final TT Adrenaline Workout:
Warm Up Circuit: 2 times through
Prisoner squat-12 reps
Arm Crosses- 10 each side
Close-Grip Push up- 8 reps
Prisoner Forward Lunge- 8 per side
Leg Swings- 15 per side
Spiderman Climb-  8 reps per side

Sprint- 15 sec.
Pushups- 7
Pull ups- 3
SB Jack Knife-20
SB Leg Curl- 6/side
X Body Mountain Climbers- 10/side
Split Squat- 10/side with 20lb dumb bells
Stability Ball Plank- 30 seconds
Kettlebell Swing- 35 lb. dumb bell
Plus 2 bonus rounds of push ups and pull ups- 15/3, 15/5 (Assisted pull ups)

So there it is.  The more I think about it, the more I'm leaning toward the Hybrid Workout.  I really do want to get stronger and do a chin up!  That's it, I'm going to go order one of those straps.

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