Thursday, December 9, 2010

TT Buzz 45 Minutes Later!

I love this funny feeling I get after an intense workout!

So this is my first post to my blog since the end of the last TT Transformation  contest so what now?  First a new goal and a new deadline.  Even though 117 feels great, I've still got a pretty good tummy bulge, and my thighs and rear view aren't quite where I want them to be.  Besides, if I'm going to inspire people to fitness I want my figure to be, well, inspirational.  My new goal weight is 109, and I'm going for a body fat  percentage of 18.  My BMI at 109 lbs will be 20.6, and the research I've been doing lately indicates that there may be some extra advantages to having a BMI of 21.  Also, at 18% body fat my abs will surely be visible.  Now I promise that if I discover that I have to take silly drastic measures to get these results I will rework my goals!

The truth is that I do believe that an amazing physique can be developed, yes, even by someone like me, who has struggled with her weight all her life, with a balanced plan of eating and exercising.  Here's an important key.  By accepting where your weight and fitness level are at this moment, you can begin to fell happy about every indication of progress you get.  Just because my goal is 109, doesn't mean  I won't jump for  joy when I get to 116, because I will.  I was talking to my sister the other day about simply deciding to be beautiful now.  By accepting yourself completely in this moment, and treating yourself like the beautiful human being you are, you let go of limitations, and the smallest movement towards your goal becomes a cause for celebration.  Movement in the other direction?  Why not just let it go?  Life's just more fun that way.
Day 3
Warm up- 2 rounds
Y- Squat- 10 reps
Decline Push Ups- 8 reps
Bulgarian Split Squat- 8 reps/side
Spiderman Climb- 10 reps/side

The Workout:
1 A) Wide Squat: 3X8X bar only
  B) SB Jack knife 3X15 (Sub for crunch, this workout is from 2006 when SB crunches were still on the menu)
2 A) Front Squat- 3X8X bar only
   B) RDL 3X8Xbar+20lb
Bodyweight circuit- one round (This is week one after all.)
Y squat- 20
Diagonal lunge- 10 per side
inverted Row- 10
Burpees- 10

Finished with kicks, turns, leaps, and stretching.  It's wonderful what TT is doing for my technique and elevation.  It's so much easier to point your feet and hold your turn out when you're strong.

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  1. Good comments on being beautiful in the moment. All the best on the new leg of your journey.


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