Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting Back on the Horse

The problem with an experiment is that it's not much of an experiment if you're already certain of the outcome.  As I inch closer and closer to the physical ideal I'm after the path gets narrower, but I still long for the freedom to eat anything I want, even if just for a day.  So lately, I've tried some new eating plans that promised to let me do just that.  How lovely to be allowed, no even required, to eat whatever you wanted for one day a week?  OK, so that didn't work.  All right then, how about carving up your weekly calories so than even though on some days you can only eat a little, on other days you get yo eat a lot more?  Sounds good right?  No, that didn't work either.  I experimented myself right into a pudgy funk.
So I had to turn to acceptance to get moving in the right direction again.  How many times do I have to learn the same lesson about bread, sugar, and natural peanut butter?  As many times as it takes to realize that they are practically guaranteed to halt my progress, no matter how many calories I've managed to save up before I eat them.  The other stunning revelation is that if I don't eat my vegetables in the amounts that I know will keep me satisfied, I will end up hungry for other less helpful foods.

So does accepting my dietary limitations add up to a major sacrifice?  On the day I give up peanut butter it seems like it, but give me just two days of sticking to the foods that satisfy me and don't set me off, and I feel so much better!  My chores are done, my meals for the day are planned, and I'm right on schedule with the blocking and choreography for Seussical.  I wouldn't be blogging otherwise.  So was the experiment just a failure and a waste of precious time?  No.  Every mistake I make brings me that much closer to the certainty I need to trust myself.  So what are the things you have become certain of lately?

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