Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Let the Season for Loving Your Body Begin!

I am officially calling an end to the holiday eating season.  What authority do I have for this?  None but what I give myself, but bear with me.  In recent years what I call the eating holidays have come to extend from Halloween all the way through the Super Bowl and Valentines Day.  Now, you can argue that it isn't over, that St. Patricks Day, Easter, Memorial Day, and all of the summer celebrations have become occasions for over eating, but I think it's a lot easier to overeat in a sweater and jeans than in a bikini!  Yes, slowly but surely the days will grow longer and the sun will begin to lift our spirits and fuel our enthusiasm.
  Ahh, Enthusiasm, now there's one of my favorite tools for lasting change.  My dashboard dictionary defines it as enjoyment, interest, or approval.  It's origin is the Greek enthous, Possessed by a god, inspired.  Imagine what it would be like to be taken over by the spirit of health to such an extent that you would move constantly and happily toward the goal of your ideal body without deviation.  I intend to think of these warming and brightening days as the season of enthusiasm.  During this time of year, while the naturally lean people around me indulge in donuts and ding dongs, I will slice apples, peel oranges, and dig into salads with a secret smile on my face, knowing that I am following the path of enthusiasm to what I want most, instead of what my inner teenager wants at the moment.  If I veer off the path I will react with curiosity, and learn how to make the right road so thoroughly appealing to both my conscious and subconscious self that my ultimate arrival at my destination becomes inevitable.

Infuse your Goal with Enthusiasm

Every day, let's spend some time thinking about what we truly desire, and nurturing our enthusiasm for the pursuit.  As the days get longer, certainty gets stronger.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

How Hungry Do You Have To Be?

      Back in the early '90s, when I was first starting to look for acting work in Hollywood, one of my very best friends was dating a model/actor who worked pretty consistently in print and television.  I'll call him "Kirk" because that was his name.  Although he hardly knew me at all, Kirk made a pronouncement to my friend about the odds of my success as an actor.  It went something like this.
                   "Your friend Cathy isn't going to make it in this business.
                                          She's not hungry enough"

Wow.  He nailed it.  Hit it right on the head.  Kirk expressed nearly every fear I had about my chances of  getting more than a few jobs here and there in film and television.  Right around this time I found the level where I would remain for the next ten years.  I would work all the time in the theatre, especially musicals, and every once in a while, when I managed to diet down enough, I would get a commercial, a walk on, or a small part in an independent film.  It was enough to keep me going, and I don't regret the experiences I had.  I got to play some great roles in the theatre, but I do wonder what could have been if I'd been willing to get hungry enough.

Today, my goals are different.  I have discovered a passion for transformation that I want to share.  What hopes and dreams are going unfulfilled around the world because people feel held back by the look and shape of their bodies?  Yes, this is a problem of the wealthy part of the world that has the dubious ability to consume more than it can use on an average day, but if we can learn to manage our powerful desire for more then we can leave more for everyone else to enjoy.  Yes, the goal is different, but the question remains the same.

                                "How Hungry Do I Have To Be?"

This question addresses not only what we want, but what we have to do to get it.  Do you remember the formula for fat use?  It's E+M/T.  Eating plus motion over time.  How much will you eat?  How much will you move?  And how long can you stay in a state of hunger before you lose your resolve?  It is my passion and my privilege to find this answer for myself, and then share it.  Each day I go to FitDay and enter in my daily menu.  I have a calorie budget, a fitness plan, and many mental tools to help me stick to them.  A number of individuals I look to for inspiration have talked about the willingness to experience some hunger on the road to getting the aspirational body.  I intend to walk that road sanely, safely, and with an open mind.  When I get to my personal "OZ" I will be eager to share just how I got there with you.