Sunday, March 20, 2011

Goal Setting and the Spring Equinox

Is this really the first day of Spring?

I look out of my window and I see snow falling hard and fast.  Here in the California foothills we're right on the snow line this morning, but in spite of the weather it's time to sow the seeds of positive change for the coming year.  Since I am convinced that Belief and Desire are essential components of transformation, it's incredibly helpful to find tools that confirm belief in one's ability to change, and enhance the desire to do just that.  Two years ago, I listened to a podcast featuring astrologer Barbara Hand Clow, and she gave detailed advice for writing down three intentions for the coming year.   What follows is much simpler than what she discussed, but this is what I did last year, and it certainly did work, so I thought I'd share it.  By the way, my goals last year were directed toward a completely different area of my life, directing and producing theatre, and lo and behold, I got just what I intended.  This year, my goals are much more in line with what I've been writing about here.

Three Intentions for the Coming Year

Consider carefully and write down three things you would like to create or accomplish this year.  At the time of the equinox, which happens at 4:21 PM PST here in California, sit quietly and meditate on these three intentions.  See them as realities in your mind's eye, and experience how it feels to be the person who has created, accomplished, or learned these things.  When you are satisfied that you have established what you want in your heart and mind, simply put your written intentions in a safe place where you can find them at this time next year.  In order to find the exact time of the Spring Equinox in your area, here is the website I checked:
 Please note that this is UTC.  You can search the site for the correct time in your time zone.

Using your Mind to Transform your Body

So today I risk appearing a little bit odd or unusual in my quest to build a better body.  That's ok.  Before I ever take a bite of food, or stretch out my hand to pick up a dumb bell, I have to think and choose.  What will I eat?  Will I exercise?  For how long and with how much effort?  Progress and change start with the mind, and so I will use tools that direct my mind toward what I truly want to create.  I am becoming more and more convinced that our bodies change based on the signals and instructions they get from our thoughts and actions.  Let's be as clear as possible in what we think and do so that we can build the kind of physique that serves our finest goals.  Build the body of your dreams, and then go out and do something wonderful this year!

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