Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Last Ten Pounds- When the Ideal Gets Real

So here it is, photo shoot day for the Venus Index open contest.  As much as a year ago I started to get asked this question by my friends and family and around the gym:  "How far are you going to go?"  How much leaner, lighter, and tighter did I want to be?  One thing I've discovered is that the scale can be a horrible liar, and drive you right up the wall and into a feeding frenzy if you let it control your life.  If you've been following this blog you may have noticed that, left to it's own devices, my weight would settle at 123, and that with consistent effort in deficit eating and fitness I can coax it down to 118.

Lately, I just haven't been able to take the calorie deficit any further.  It's as if I finally reached the point where the relative discomfort of calorie restriction wasn't worth the incremental results I was getting on the scale.  Enter the Venus Index contest which uses the balance of three body measurements to calculate one's arrival at a historical ideal for body shape.  Yes, it's the traditional hourglass I'm talking about here, and it turns out that it hasn't gone out of style.  Using calculations that are based on my height of 5'1", I established a measurement goal for my shoulders, waist, and hips.

Did I hit it?  Did I get the numbers?  Oh joy and rejoicing- I did, and here they are:

Shoulders- 38"
Waist- 23.5"
Hips- 33.5"

If I pull on the measuring tape I can get the waist down to 21"- Dita Von Teese territory!  So what do I weigh this morning?  117.  Just one pound down from my previous low.  It's interesting to know that this was the weight I had to get to in oder to get on camera work as an actor.  It was incredibly hard for me than, as I was doing tons of cardio and severely restricting calories to get there.  950 calories a day and maybe 3 teaspoons of fat total- it was really rough to stick to.  Now I've found a groove and an understanding of the personal balance between exercise output and nutritional input I need in order to have an impact on the shape of my body.  This is incredibly empowering information, and I encourage anyone who wants to move toward their ideal to find out their Resting Metabolic Rate, and get really curious about their personal balance of input and output.

Pictures to follow, and wish me luck in the contest!

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