Monday, May 16, 2011

It's the Deficit Darling

No, this blog hasn't turned it's attention to politics.  If I was going to go into politics though, it would be on the platform of , "Let's build better places to walk" or, "A sidewalk in every neighborhood" but I digress.

So I'm on the Dukan diet right?  And I was having one of my rebellious days yesterday.  You know the ones, when you just want to say why can't I eat whatever I want right now?  By the way, the Dukan diet actually gives you a projected date for when your adherence to each phase will end.  I'm in the cruise phase right now where you alternate protein/non-fat dairy days with days that add unlimited vegetables.  Ah yes- the unlimited aspect- here's where things get interesting.

What's my problem?  Please bear with me, and forgive me for whining, but it may be your problem too so I don't feel so bad.  Here I sit at 118 pounds, and although I've been following the diet faithfully, I haven't lost any weight in, oh, probably five days.  By the way, I'm just going to weigh myself every day for the rest of my life:  all in the interest of science.

Define Faithfully

Yes, that is the issue.  what does it mean to faithfully follow the Dukan diet?  The book says that you truly can eat as much as you want if you stick to the menu.  (Stop that, you're rolling your eyes at my naivete, I can sense it.)  So yesterday, I decided to give it a shot.  Lots of London broil, mixed veg, and yogurt later, I'm up two pounds this morning.

Sigh.  Did I fail at another diet?  Did another diet fail me?  Not yet.  Not quite yet.  The possible problem?  Carb creep and slippery little additions.  For example, there's the sugar free gum I've been chewing that contains 2 carbs per piece, and that sugar free maple syrup that I've been using so liberally, and what exactly is in that low fat ranch dressing?  You see what I mean?  So here's the plan.  I've already logged everything I'm going to eat on the fitbit website, and I've taken control of my allowed extras.  I'm not going to quit over this.  I'm going to step back, evaluate my efforts, and do whatever I can to help this plan work.  Then I'll really have some good information.

Back to the deficit.

I was listening to Jillian Michaels' podcast yesterday, and she talked about plateaus and those of us who are going after the last few vanity pounds.  She spoke of getting into a calorie deficit that's between 500 and no more than 1000 calories.  Now I realize that one of the major points of the Dukan Diet is the freedom to eat freely, but I've searched and searched, and I can't find any specific info on whether that applies to those of us who are already, quite frankly, really small.  This is the last five pounds we're talking about here.  So with the help of my fitbit I'm pledging an intake of 1300 and an output of 2000 calories a day.  That will put me in what I hope will be the "sweet spot" of a 700 calorie deficit.  Now, to burn 2000 calories, I've got to really keep moving throughout the day in addition to my Turbulence Training workouts, but this is the kind of life long habit I want to build anyway.  One nice benefit- Tippy the dog is very happy with extra walks I've been taking.  So in the interest of further fat loss, joy, and beauty, I'm off to walk the dog.

Besides, if I never struggled, I wouldn't have much wisdom to share.

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