Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Using the Last Five Pounds of Fat

Yep, that's right, as of this morning, I'm back to 118 pounds: exactly where I ended Turbulence Training Transformation Contest #9.  So what's up with all of these contests?  Well, the truth is that they work.  As proud as I am of letting go of 40 pounds of fat over the past three years, the fact is that one way or another, over time, I have kept it off.

The Elusive Five Percent

No, it's not as exciting, and it doesn't make headlines and get your picture all over the internet, but the true test of fat use (remember?), is keeping excess weight off over time.  (Pause for research.)

Ok, that was enlightening, I just went over to the CDC website and read about a recent study that showed 27% of women maintaining their weight loss.  Well gee, I guess I'm not so super special after all.  Nevertheless, I'm proud of my maintenance and continuing perseverance in the journey to 18% body fat.

So Why Do Contests Work?

Here's a paradox for you.  It is within these competitions that I have found the most amazing source of social support.  Everyone participating is there for similar reasons, most of which boil down to health and happiness through physical transformation.  Alright, maybe some of them just want to win money, but I don't think they would spend so much time encouraging each other if that was the case.  As I continue on in TT Transformation Contest #11, I have to stop and think, haven't I won enough?  But then I say no, this is a tool that works.  It focuses my attention, and my intentions, so I keep moving toward what I really want: the figure I've always dreamed of.  There are other challengers who've been in on this almost as long as I have who have had ever greater success, and I welcome every one because believe me, I am going to school on their success!

So now to walk Tippy, and get ready for another great day.  Now if I could just get as comitted to keeping my desk clear!

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