Thursday, June 16, 2011

Darn it! Had to throw out the Ezekiel bread.

Now don't get me wrong.  I love ezekiel bread, especially the raisin kind with a little bit of organic coconut oil and cinnamon on top.  Ooh the toasty crunchy goodness!  Then add a bit of organic peanut butter and look out taste buds.

I knew this was going to happen

Here's the thing, if I take a healthy food and bump it up with too many extra creamy gooey extras, it doesn't matter how inherently satisfying it is.  I will get triggered.  So what's a woman to do?  I want to look and feel good.  Really good.  Fantastic.  I have had this feeling, and I know how to get it back, and you can too.  It comes from finding the right balance between movement and eating.  When I am faithful to my moderate eating plan, and when I stick to my scheduled TT workouts I practically leap out of bed at 5:15AM feeling amazing.  I can increase that good feeling by adding yoga, Zumba, or dance to the mix.  One word of caution though.

The closer you get to your ultimate goal, the more delicate the balancing act becomes.

Back when I achieved my original transformation, I had plenty of wiggle room.  I was even drinking two glasses of wine a night :).  Over the course of 12 weeks I lost 14 pounds in spite of the fact that I strayed from my eating plan at least ten percent of the time.  Now my path has become narrower.  The wine is long gone, and it looks like the sprouted grains and oat bran will have to go too during periods when I want to use up fat.  By the way, I don't want to reduce too far.  I just want to let go of some fat and bloating that I've put on from recent indulgences.

But wait!  There is good news too.  When I eat right, which means building my body on a bed of vegetables, followed by protein, fruits, and healthy fats, the cravings really do fade away, and the sensation of well being that follows is so wonderful that it is worth every minute of planning and preparation that good eating takes.

This may be the true key

It is absolutely crucial that you find a way to give yourself the experience of well being that comes with the eating/exercise equation.  This means satisfying, trigger free meals combined with exercise that challenges you without wiping you out.  Specifically this is exercise that doesn't incite compensation.  (I will write more on compensation later.  It's defined as the reason why immoderate amounts of strenuous exercise can lead us to eat more.)  You need to become deeply aware of the foods that serve you best.  The more reading, research, and just plain listening I do, the more I realize that these foods are personal and individual.  Some people couldn't care less about the sweet creamy yumminess of bananas and peanut butter.  Others would reawaken all of their cravings for three days from a snack like this.  What I want to share is the fact that when you find your personal balance, a kind of magic happens.  The feeling of self mastery, the pleasure of knowing that you are treating yourself well, and the contented glow you see in the mirror will convince you that the energy you have put into eating and moving well have all been  worth it.

How long does this take?

In my experience, and I am not afraid to say that I've had a lot, it takes three days of clean eating and balanced movement in order to enter the happy zone.  It can happen faster or take longer depending on how much stress life is showing you, and I have to mention that hormonal cycles can have an effect as well.  Bottom line, the feeling is absolutely worth the effort, but there will be a part of your ego that may continue to whisper to you about the joys of sloth and indulgent eating.  The way to counter this is to get the experience of well being, and then to learn to trust it.

Sometimes I forget

Sometimes I forget how good healthy balance feels.  Luckily, I have support from like minded people, and it really is fun to share the journey with them, and with anyone who reads this blog.  By the way, today I'm feeling kinda bloated and not so hot lookin', but I'm going to go do my fitness routine, in public at a new gym anyway, because I know without a doubt that it will make me feel better.  May you find your balance today!

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