Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Major Motivation!

A powerful tool for getting things done is a sense of urgency.  That sense of urgency gets supercharged when it's driving you toward something you really want.  A few days ago, I had the incredible good fortune to be invited to the Turbulence Training Trainer Summit in San Diego on August 26th and 27th.  Craig Ballantine will be interviewing me about my experience transforming my figure with his program.  Can you see where this is heading?

I can't think of an event that would be more powerful at giving me the incentive to take my fitness to the next level than this one.  Just picture all of those inquiring minds wondering, "How did she do it?  Where did she get her motivation and perseverance?  How can I inspire my clients to do the same thing?"  How indeed.  Go ahead and put yourself in my shoes.  What would you be thinking right now?  Oh yes, you'd be thinking, what can I do to look and feel completely confident for this event?  I'll bet that you'd be feeling a sense of urgency.

The Power of Happy Occasions

Now I'm focused, and all of my faculties are on board for the challenge of using the next five weeks, or 37 days to be really exact, to get in the very best shape possible.  What's even better is that I'm right in the middle of writing a coaching program that teaches my techniques for sticking to an exercise program and a food plan.  Sometimes in life the timing is truly perfect.

An Invitation

Why not come with me on this relatively short journey?  Disclaimer: I won't be giving professional advice or recommendations here, I'll just be sharing my experience as bloggers do.  I'm going to be very honest about the tools and techniques I'll be using, and the truth is that some of them don't have mainstream approval- yet!  One thing I know for sure is that I have to be honest about the techniques I'm using if I'm going to get the benefits of sharing my experience in this public forum.

What is my goal, and how am I going to reach it?

Here is where the real value of this transformation diary lies.  For the next five weeks and two days I will be recording what I eat, what I do, and how I think in order to reach my goals.  Here goes.

1. What do I want?
So what can I achieve in the next 37 days that is realistic and inspiring at the same time?  Ok, deep breath, and here goes.  Over the next five weeks I will lose ten pounds and go from my current weight of 123 (Yep there's that number that my body loves to return to) to my desired weight of 113 pounds.  Over the last year or so, and definitely over the course of studying for my ACE exam, the number 113 has come up over and over.  It is the number I get when I calculate my body fat percentage at 18%, and it is also what I will weigh at a BMI of 21.4.  This is a subject for another post but there is research that indicates that a BMI is not only healthy, it also may represent the ideal where physical attractiveness is concerned.  I'll be honest, I'm not just doing this for my health, I also want to look my best, and I'll bet you do too.  So there!  Ten pounds in six weeks.  I can do this, but it means laser focus and no messing around.

2.  What will I eat?
I'll be eating a high volume high nutrient menu of whole foods that will include vegetables, fruits, protein, dairy, and healthy fats.  It will not include sugar or flour (trigger foods) and I will do one 24 hour fast each Sunday.  Yes, that's the controversial technique I was talking about earlier.  Back when I did my original transformation in 2008 I used Brad Pilon's Eat Stop Eat program.  Go ahead and google it to check it out.  I would only ask that if you decide to try intermittent fasting that you check with your doctor first!  I was extremely skeptical, and I really struggled with the political incorrectness of fasting, even just once a week from breakfast to breakfast, but honesty requires that I tell the truth about what worked for me.  By the way I never go a whole day without eating.  Once a week I eat a good breakfast, and then I drink plenty of water and calorie free beverages until breakfast the next day.  Whew, it really took guts to come out and admit that I fast occasionally!

3.  How will I move?

I'll be using the Turbulence Training Supervillains Workout.  Yes, Craig does have a sense of humor when it comes to challenging exercise programs.  I will also be teaching and attending Zumba classes, and I have a major five day dance workshop that I'll be taking starting a week from tomorrow.  That's more incentive to get off to a good start!

4.  How will I think?
Here is where I truly want to hone my skill.  I have begun coaching clients on the power of thought and belief to effect physical transformation.  I am convinced that positive action flows from genuine belief and focused intention.  You have to know precisely what you want, and you have to believe that you can achieve it with unshakable conviction.  This is what will keep you on the road to your destination no matter what.  What I want from this five week journey is more of the specific insight into what it takes to reach your most deeply desired fitness goals.

The right conditions are in place.  For now I will call them urgency, structure, and accountability.  I'll be sharing how it all works, and no matter what I know I'm going to learn a lot about the power of a specific event to motivate fat loss.  Here goes everything!

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