Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fantasy Fitness

I'm sitting at the San Diego airport right now, waiting to board a flight home for the first ever Turbulence Training Trainers Summit.  I leapt out of bed at 6AM this morning, threw on my clothes, and headed down to the gym at the Westin San Diego to do my first TT workout post personal inspiration from Craig Ballantyne himself.  I slowed down my Mountain Climbers, and fixed my goblet squat, (Thanks for demonstrating how to do them right Chris Lopez!)  Then it was off to breakfast with Marliene, Dr. Deb, Christina, and Kerry.  There must have been some kind of screening process that only let fit, cool, and committed trainers into the summit.  Believe me, there were times over the past three days when I couldn't help wondering if I was fit enough or experienced enough to fit in, but we all bring something unique to the party.  Speaking of party, Marliene and I had a though time tearing ourselves away from the reception Friday night.  Everyone was either funny, interesting, charming, attractive, or well informed.  Quite frankly I think everyone was a combination of all the above.  Forgive me for gushing.  I do that.  Anybody who was there now knows that first hand.

Of course the million dollar question after a seminar is, "What did you take away from the experience?"  A summit won't do you any good if if doesn't enhance your skills when it's all over.  I know it had a genuine effect on me because after breakfast I took all of my note out to the pool sat down under an umbrella, and did the assignment that Craig left us all with at the closing session.  What was the assignment?  It was a vision statement.  They're calling my flight in five minutes, but I promise I'll be back to commit my vision to blogdom, or at least the parts of it that aren't too far off the wall.  Here's one idea though.  It's time to make exercise as much fun as eating!

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