Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Vision Thing

"I train so that I can wear Inappropriate Clothing"

(See the previous post, as I'm picking up kinda sorta where I left off.)

  Last week, when I picked up my pen to start writing down my vision, I didn't come up with a ten year business plan.  What I heard in my mind was the phrase:

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players."

I'm an actor at heart, so I guess that when I need a plan it's not surprising that I get Shakespeare.  What if life really is a kind of play, and we, as the players, get to decide just what kind of show were going to put on?  It occurs to me that the majority of us are wasting the opportunity to create the kind of lives we really want.  In the developed world we have the freedom to learn, think, speak, dress, and act pretty much as we wish, as long as our behavior doesn't hurt anyone else or impact their liberty negatively, but do we use this freedom?  I think not.

Nearly every morning, I reach into my closet for another tank top from Target and a pair of gym shorts.  For rehearsal, it's usually the same thing except with long dance pants or a skirt I can move in.  Out to dinner?  Add jeans and a necklace or some earrings.  Predictable.  Boring.  Relatively safe dressing.  I was so grateful that Kristina wore Marliene's dress to the reception at the Turbulence Training Trainer's Summit, because otherwise I would have been the only one in a dress.  We've got all of this so called freedom to express ourselves, why aren't we using it?

I think I know why, and I'll tell you.  In World History in High School I was taught that technical advances like agriculture, architecture, and sanitation serve to give societies more leisure time in which to develop their unique culture.  At least that's the way it's supposed to go, but has anyone noticed what has happened since the mass media took over the function of telling us what our culture is to be?  Think about this:  I find the tabloids, fashion magazines, and celebrity worship guides to be nearly irresistible these days.  Why is that?  Why in the world am I so fascinated by what Kim K. wore on her honeymoon?

The world is our stage.  This is our play, our party, yes, even our drama, but we have given it up to the media, and guess what?  In the developed world if you are female and you are not slender (and young for that matter) the arbiters of style and beauty that make up the rules from Hollywood and Madison Avenue eliminate you from public view.

How terrible.

We don't sing.
We watch American Idol.
We Don't Dance.
We watch Dancing With The Stars.
We don't pursue fitness.
We watch The Biggest Loser.

Enough. Is. Enough.

From now on, my fitness will be recreational, my food will be delicious and nutritious, and my style will be sensational.  At least to me.  Life is too short and often too stressful to pursue fitness without pleasure anymore.  I know that you are busy, thank you so much for taking the time to read this, so I want to invite you to join this subversive little revolution.  You can start by asking yourself these three little questions when you have some precious free time.  Say to yourself,

"I know that moving is good for me,
So what would be fun?
What would be a little challenging?
What would make me feel good?"

It's your play, your scene, your party, and your life for heaven's sake.  The reason we watch celebrities so much is because we've forgotten how to celebrate ourselves.

As a trainer I would suggest just one thing today.  Play Healthy.  Do Turbulence Training

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