Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beyond Normal

Back in 2001, I let my body blow up.  Literally. 

  Ok, ok, I was pregnant, but I used the fact that I had quit smoking, stopped drinking, and given up a single life of utter self absorption,as an excuse to eat anything I wanted in any amount I desired.  So I gained weight, and gained, and...  Maybe I shouldn't have started closing my eyes when I got on the scale at the doctor's office.  I finally woke up to the incredible stupidity of my behavior (yes still self absorbed in spite of my delicate condition) when I had to take the glucose tolerance test for gestational diabetes.  I didn't have it, my fasting glucose level came back pretty low, at 70, but I was shaken by the thought that my overeating was impacting the health of my baby.  I grabbed my copy of "What to Expect While You're Expecting", and followed the eating plan in earnest from there on out.  Even so, the morning I went home from the hospital with Colin, our healthy baby boy,  I weighed 185 pounds on a medium framed, five foot one inch tall body.

What Had I Done?

And how in the world was I going to get back to the 127 I weighed only 14 months before on my wedding day, or even better to the 122 I weighed when I met my husband?  Because lets face it, being at a healthy weight makes a big difference in having the energy and confidence to be a good mother, and just as importantly a happy wife.  Moms, I know you know exactly what I mean, 'cause let's face it turning off the the lights doesn't make you feel any less shlumpy, let alone any more sexy.

That's When I started Going to the Gym to Lose Fat. 

I will always be grateful to Kelly and Tammy, the trainers who got me moving again, and to Ellie and Sandra, who were on the child care staff at Sonora Sports and Fitness, where I still work out today.  As I've said before, when you're 50 pounds overweight, by this time I tipped the scales at 170 pounds, losing fat is kind of like hitting the side of a barn with buckshot.  Grab a rifle, and take general aim, and you're going to hit something; Success!  Until…

Stuck at 155

Go google a BMI chart, I'll wait.  Yep, at 61 inches 155 pounds is barely under the threshold of obesity.  Holy cow, as late as 2008 and seven years after the birth of our son, I was still nearly obese.  Now what?  I'd been working out and dieting on and off for seven years.  Sometimes, as with the Atkins diet or South Beach, or weight watchers, I could get down as low as 145, but I couldn't stick to the diets I tried, and my weight would always inch, ok bounce right back up.
This is the point where I came in on this blog.  I got the Turbulence Training  program, entered the transformation contest, and got down to 133 pounds in 12 weeks.

Beyond Normal

Over the past three years, I've continued to bring my muscles out and my weight down, stabilizing right around 123 pounds.  That's just above a BMI of 23.  Nicely normal.  Much better than pleasantly plump, and yet...
There is another level of fitness and appearance I just have to reach in order to have the chance to live in the body that feels the most real and true to me.  Since I earned my ACE certification I have been coaching clients, and I've had the gratifying experience of seeing a number of them get all the way to goal.  (To join this happy group, e-mail me at: I'll be giving  a free 20 minute coaching consultation to the first 25 e-mail requests.)  Now it's time to go beyond normal, and discover what exactly what it takes in terms of eating, exercise, and attitude to get there and stay there for good.  Normal: it's a safe, comfortable, familiar place, but it's time to move on.

For the the program that Catherine will be using to get beyond normal: Click Here!  

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