Friday, November 11, 2011

Three More Weeks of Transformation

In exactly three more weeks, I'll be at the finish line for Turbulence Training Transformation Contest #12..

It's been an interesting journey from obese, to overweight, to normal, and on into the place that I like to call aspirational.  You all know that I spend a lot of time agitating my brain over what the ideal body is in this mixed up world.  Just last night I was watching Anderson Cooper's report on the Ridiculist that covered Adriana Lima's pre Victoria's Secret Show diet.  Here's a quote from E's website:

 Adriana Lima wants us all to know she doesn't stick to her pre-show liquid diet and twice-daily workouts routine year-round.
"Everybody is talking about my crazy diet," she told me backstage this morning as she got glammed for tonight's catwalk.
The supermodel and hot mom recently admitted she sticks to liquids only nine days before the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and stops drinking water for 12 hours before she hits the runway to drop the most weight.
But she defended the drastic measures, comparing herself to an athlete in training:

"I know it's very intense but...I just have an athlete's mind and I appreciate doing this thing," she told me. "It's not that I do crazy diets throughout the year. I just do it for this particular thing. After this show, I become normal again!"

Read more:

Personally, I'm a bigger fan of the Frederick's catalogs look.   What Adriana represents is the outer edge of beauty.  The challenge for us Beauty Builders is to find our ideal somewhere on this side of that outrageous extreme.  When I look at modern ideals of beauty in the media, my heart sinks a little, because I know that even if I had the abdominal fortitude to try a nine day fast drinking nothing but protein shakes and doing two workouts a day, I simply wouldn't get there, not only because I don't have that kind of capacity for self imposed hunger and pain, but because I really don't think that look is beautiful.

What a relief.  I just have to turn back to what I decided almost a year ago.  Beauty is the visible manifestation of well being.  So that means that with a focus on what we can do, and how we feel, we can let go of frustration and become more vital outside of the kitchen and the gym.  I really should be grateful to the Victoria's Secret Angels.  By pushing the standard of beauty to such an outrageous extreme, they demonstrate how absurd it is.  Now I can smile, and shake my head, and return to the serious and yet playful pursuit of genuine well being.

Suddenly three 45 minute resistance and metabolic training sessions a week seem a small amount of time and energy to spend, and an average of around 1350 calories a day for somebody who's only 5'1" seems like enough for a feast.  So here is the challenge to myself, and anyone who wants to join me for the next three weeks.  Let's stand up for a sensible plan of eating and moving, and see what it can do.

I'll begin.
Today's Workout is:  TT Resistance Evil C

A Full Body Warm- Up Followed By:
1A) Kettle bell Snatch (10-15) per side
2A) Dumb Bell Romanian Deadlift- (10)
2B) Triple Stop Push Up (To one less than failure)
3A) One- Leg Squat (6-10/side)
3B) Renegade Row with 1 sec pause at top (10/side)
4. Triple shoulder raise (10 per move)
5 A) DB incline curl
5 B) DB 1-arm overhead triceps extension (10/side)
5A)  Db Hammer curl- alternating 10/side
Up to three sets of each - oh boy.  Really, I actually love this workout.  Makes me feel pumped and powerful, especially those hammer curls at the end.

Today's Menu:
2 organic eggs,  on a bed of spinach with peach mango salsa (Yum) 2 strips uncured nitrite free bacon.
Large romaine lettuce salad with olive oil dressing, 4 oz chicken breast, I cup cauliflower with 1t butter
4 oz pork chop with romaine lettuce salad w/olive oil dressing,  1 cup cauliflower, 1/2 cup cooked carrot, 2T salsa
snacks- 1 apple, 1 pear
Sugar free jello
2 T half and half for coffee.

Sunday night is a celebration meal, and I will post my menu for Thanksgiving soon as well.

Let's see how effective a sensible plan can be- especially if I'm faithful to it.

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