Thursday, December 15, 2011

Easy on the Knees

The "After"
To Go With the "Before" Above
Just a brief post to put in today's fitness routine.

My knee is almost 100%, no weird sensation, no weakness, healed, but this fitness session is still intended to baby the knees by eliminating impact as much as possible.  If the squats irritate the back of my knee I'll go ahead and skip them.

Warm up:

10 Body Weight Squats
10 Stick Ups
10 Push Ups
10 leg Swings Each Leg
Psoas/Quadricep Stretch
Rest 30 Seconds and Repeat 1 Time

Superset A
Squats With 12lb. Body Bar:  8 Reps
Curtsey Lunge 8 Reps
Rest 1 Minute and Repeat 2 Times

Superset B
Strap Assisted Pistol Squats 8 Reps
Plie Squats With 12 lb Body Bar
Rest 1 Minute and Repeat 2 Times

Superset C
Romanian Dead Lift With Body Bar: 12 Reps
Reverse Lunge With Body Bar: 6 Each Leg
Rest 1 Minute and Repeat 2 Times

Interval Training
5 minute walk to warm up
"Baby" Burpees: 30 Seconds
"Easy" Get Ups: 30 Seconds
Repeat For a Total of Six Rounds

Baby burpees are something I've come up with that takes the hop back and the jump out of burpees.  I'll be posting a You Tube video soon.

Easy Get Ups consist of lowering myself to the floor and lying down flat- first by bending the right leg and supporting myself with the right hand to get down, then leading with the right leg to stand back up.  Then I switch sides by bending the left leg and putting the left hand down.

These are practically no impact exercises that will allow me to work back up to Burpees and Turkish Get ups.

My eating is back on track!  I went ahead an bought a 3 month membership to Weight Watchers on line, and after 2 days on Points Plus I feel fantastic.  I'm personalizing the plan by leaving out sugar and all grains except for 1/3 cup of oat bran in the morning.  I got more points than I expected, and it feels great to feel full again.  (But not stuffed!)

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