Monday, December 5, 2011

The Four Week Body Lift

Body transformation may be 80% diet, but there's one major problem with dieting.  You can't trust it.

Yesterday, I ended the day in a calorie deficit.  I mean I know for a fact that I ate fewer calories than I burned yesterday.  Even by overestimating my calories by 25% and underestimating how much I moved, I should have been burning fat.  Not only that, but I earned a reward for self control by going to a party yesterday, and having nothing but three cups of tea.

Even so, when I got on the scale this morning my weight was up slightly.  One thing I have had to accept on this transformation journey is that the longer you stay committed to permanent weight change the more often you will experience the deficit paradox.

The Deficit Paradox

Notwithstanding the laws of thermodynamics, some days, no matter what you do, the scale will move in the wrong direction.  Especially if you're female. For me, and perhaps for you too, this is the time when when it's tempting to throw in the towel and just eat anything, because what's the point of being good if it doesn't make any difference?  I know, I know, it's probably just water or even muscle making me weigh more, but I don't care.  I want that digital, numerical, mathematical validation that I only seem to get from weighing less.  Talk about diminishing returns.

Exercise Won't Let You Down.

Thank goodness diet isn't the only tool in my bag of tricks.  Not matter what the scale says, if I train, walk, dance, lift, or practice yoga, nothing can erase the benefits of the moving I do in pursuit of my goals.  I see plenty of people who change their weight through diet, but the people who maintain those changes for years and more are the ones who commit to moving more.  Very often this involves getting to the gym on a regular basis, but there are plenty of walkers, swimmers, cyclists, and gardeners who keep their transformations if they just keep moving.

The Four Week Body Lift

To celebrate the power of movement, and to get ready for resolution season, I'm designing the Four Week Body Lift.  This program is a combination of commitment to eating and moving optimally for four weeks, in order to establish new daily habits, and to discover just what can be achieved with total enthusiasm over a manageable period of time.  I am the test subject, and I will put my musings here before I try the program with my clients.  The idea isn't to go all out for four weeks and then indulge in a free for all of sloth and over feeding.  The goal is to give the program your all, and then come in for a soft landing by having a celebration meal, Valentine's Day?, and then talking a maintenance week.  It's a work in progress.

Here's today's fitness routine:

Warm Up:
15 bodyweight squats
10 pushups
10 Stick Ups
10 Leg Swings Each Side
Psoas Stretch 20 seconds Each Side
Rest 30 Seconds and Repeat Entire Sequence

Workout Using 12 Pound Weighted Bar:
Superset 1:
10 Squats With Bar
10 Bent Over Bar Rows
Rest 1 minute and Repeat 2 Times

Superset 2:
Curtsey Lunge- 10 Reps.
Overhead Bar Press- 10 Reps.
Rest 1 Minute and Repeat 2 times

Superset 3:
Good Mornings: 10 Reps
Dips: 10 Reps
Rest 1 Minute and Repeat 2 Times.

Heavy Hoop 1 Minute
20 Jumping Jacks
Repeat 5 Times for a total of six rounds


Later, I'll write more on my eating plan, but for now I'll just say that I'll be eating in a deficit (Under 1,400 calories for me), and avoiding all trigger foods.

Let the fitness begin.

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