Sunday, December 18, 2011

Photo Shoot Tomorrow

The "After"
that goes with the "Before" above
It has been a very good week for getting my head back on straight.  First, I joined Weight Watchers on line of all things.  Back in 2007 I joined and went to meetings for about six weeks.  I lost five pounds, but I couldn't stick to the plan and quickly gained it back.  As soon as I started to struggle, I found that I was too embarrassed to go a meeting when I knew I hadn't lost weight that week.  A case of my ego keeping me from what I really wanted.  About a year later I started Turbulence Training, and I found that the key to my transformation, the foundation for change, was actually exercise.

What's Been Holding Me Back

It bears repeating that the fatal flaw in all of my figure recomposition plans is always impatience.  Again and again I have to relearn the lesson that moderate exercise with the right amount of intensity and reasonable progression works over time.  If I push to hard and get hurt I can't train at all.  Anyone who is gearing up for a new training program in the New Year would be wise to start slowly and train safe.  I know from experience that if you focus and commit to a balanced training program, and a sensible eating plan that puts you in a reasonable deficit, your body will improve, sometimes with gratifying speed.

Weight Watcher's?  Really?

Yes really.  I'm doing points plus and I feel full.  You you know how insanely fabulous it feels to be comfortably full after so long?  Since May my appetite has had two settings:  Starving and Stuffed.  It's as if I would go into a huge state and have no memory of the eating sensations in--between.  Ok, I'm a little scared I'll over eat on the fruit, but by weighing and measuring myself once a week I should have the feedback I need.  I haven't had any sugar or flour, and for now I'll just continue to leave them out.  Besides, after the way I had been eating, having oat bran hot cereal with sugar free maple syrup is like having an elegant dessert: with no guilt!

That being said, picture are tomorrow so I didn't eat the oat bran, and I got in plenty of water.  I did have lemon juice in hot water as well, but no flashy tricks.  The pictures are for the flyers for the Four Week Body Lift.  I won't be using any bikini photos for those.  I'm off right now to help my son with a video game puzzle, but I'll be back with more on the shoot, and my new sense of calm.  One day I'm going to get this transformation process right for more than a week at a time.

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