Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lucky Seven Fat Loss Countdown

Trainer: Shape Thyself 

I have to warm up the dance studio before I teach Zumba this morning, so I'll be somewhat brief.  I tell my coaching clients that the one thing all of the successful figure transformers I know have in common is:

The Reason Behind The Reason

In other words, when it comes to the permanent changes that are required to make fat loss last vanity is not enough, and good health, although it is a wise and noble goal, just isn't specific enough to help you when the chips are down.  Or when the chocolate chips are down for that matter.

What Do You Want That Permanent Fat Loss Will Help You Get?

I know what I want. I want to live, work, and create in the physical body that gives me the freedom and the energy to train, dance, play, and inspire my clients to the best of my ability.  But like Glinda in 'The Wizard of OZ', I know that I have to let you find your own reason in your own way.  I can tell you everything I've discovered on my transformation journey Dear Reader, but in order to find your reason, you have to take the Yellow Brick Road Yourself.

What's The Destination?

Today, my destination is Zumba training with founder Beto Perez in Los Angeles on Wednesday, March 14th.  That's exactly seven weeks from tomorrow.  The pictures you see on the right?  Well, my sister gave me that cute blue fitness outfit for Christmas.  I told her, "Oh yes, it fits" that is if you don't count the tummy bulge and the roll at the waist.  I'd like to wear this outfit at the training, (we sweat so much I'll have to bring more than one) so the bulge and the roll need to go.  By the way, I'm not letting my tummy hang out in these pictures, really!  I do admit that in the afters I'll be sucking it in as hard as I can though.  I encourage you to take before and after pictures and do the same.  You have to give yourself every shot at feeling successful as you can.  Why?  Simple.

Success Is Motivation

So the countdown starts tomorrow, and the key to success in seven weeks is to creatively blend the four pillars of physical transformation:
Thinking, Eating, Allies, and Movement
in such a way that we never have to over-reach in one area and risk discouragement, unmanageable hunger, disappointment, or injury.

Tomrrow: Finding Goals That are Realistic Enough To Be Reachable and Exciting Enough to Be Powerful.

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