Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Seven Week Body Lift- Day One

What does it take to make a real difference in your health and appearance in a specific period of time?  Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Time Bound: That's the SMART Goal formula, so how should we apply it to figure transformation?

In 2011, I kept stepping up to the plate to continue to improve my health and fitness, but I kept striking out when it came to losing the last ten pounds that still stand between my and my aspirational body.  All of the diet and fitness plans I tried did work- as long as I followed them.  I just couldn't seem to follow them long enough to get where I wanted to go.

What threw me off track?  Looking back the biggest barrier to my success was impatience.  I cut and restricted my food intake so sharply that I ended up seriously overeating again and again.  I tried to work out at such a high intensity that I ended up hurting my knee- sprinting on flat asphalt of all things.  Activity I would never recommend to a client brought me down.

Then I got an idea.  What if I followed the kind of plan that I could recommend with a clear conscience?  What if I dialed back the intensity, turned up my commitment, and resolved to mix a little patience and self acceptance into my plan?  Sounds like a good idea.

For the next seven weeks, I will stay within my points and follow the good health guidelines, (Yes, I'm doing Weight Watchers) avoid my trigger foods, and teach my three Zumba classes a week.  I will also add three resistance training sessions per week, including a total body warm up, and a total body stretch at the end.  I'll post those workouts here.

Last year, the "I want it yesterday, all or nothing" attitude didn't serve me very well.  Let's see if a more balanced approach will.

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