Friday, February 17, 2012

Thank You Kate Upton

Maybe the ideal woman is female after all!

What a relief.  After reading that Male model Andrej Pejic is the new "It Girl" in fashion, the pendulum swings right back with voluptuous, leggy, Kate Upton on the cover of SI.

I couldn't help but smile when I read that Victoria's Secret casting director Sophia Neophitou  called Upton "Too Blonde", "Obvious" and said that she would never be a Victoria's Secret model.  Of course we all know that VS models have a look that's all about subtlety and inner beauty but I digress...

The point that Ms. Neophitou has helped me illustrate is that the arbiters of fashion in the media are becoming more and more disconnected from what humans find attractive.  If Kate Upton realy is too fat and too obvious, maybe we can all finally exhale and have a good laugh at  the images we're being urged to consume.

So what does this have to do with your transformation journey Dear Reader?  Well, let's take a look at why it seems so much easier for men to reach their fat loss goals than women.  Here's a thought... In my experience men are quite content to stop dieting when they get to a healthy normal weight.  Women on the other hand, myself very much included, diet down to a healthy weight as measured by body mass index or body fat percentage,and they still don't look like anyone the media thinks is acceptable.

We get to a reasonable goal and the fashion and video media turn our glorious summer of success back into the winter of our discontent.  Why?  I have a theory.  Discontented women buy a whole lot more stuff than secure, confident, contented women do.  It is the very fear of our own physical inadequacy that drives us to acquire more fashion, cosmetics, botox, surgery, you name it, in order to feel worthy of the space we inhabit.  It seems that if you're a female in the developed world normal and healthy will never ever do!

So what can we do to get beyond the silliness?

First of all, most of the women I know are more secure and accepting of themselves than I am, but I do think that the solution is to simply behave as if the media's opinion doesn't matter.  The way to do that is to simply make choices based on what we genuinely enjoy.  Honestly I think that a lot of women my age are blowing off beauty and fashion because it has become profoundly irrelevant for them.  Who cares what Karl Lagerfeld is designing if no adult woman can fit into it anyway?  Speaking of Karl isn't is funny that he dissed Adele right after she appeared on the cover of Cosmo?  She's the epitome of hot right now and he calls her a little too fat with a beautiful face?  So laughable, especially when you consider that Adele can actually afford to wear Chanel!

Ok, back to us.  First, I think we need to take fashion back.  When is the last time you really put some creativity into what you wore?  We still go out : to eat, to the movies, the theatre, to religious services, shopping, the beach, the gym, you name it.  Are we using the opportunities we have to express ourselves through fashion?  Sixty years ago, middle class women were still going to the "Dressmaker".  Even if they weren't having clothes made they were having them fitted and altered to flatter them personally.  Have we blown off the chance to make fashion work for us because were just too busy?  I think of the women I know of all sizes and ages, and I think of how beautiful they are, and how delighted I am when I run into a friend who has decided to dress well, whatever that means to her.  

Is it time for real women to take fashion back?

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