Saturday, March 24, 2012

What I learned on My Zumba Vacation

I had a great experience taking my Zumba training from Beto Perez in LA last week.  Yes his accent is charming, and the man himself even more so.  Of all the things he said during the course of our workshop, the phrase that stays with me is,

You Doubt You Die.

This resonates for so many reasons.  As an instructor, your steps and intentions have to be clear so that your students can follow you.  If you're unsure of the music or the moves you can't lead.  The remedy?  Practice, practice, practice, and when you think you've got it nailed- practice some more.

"You Doubt You Die"  also brings us back to the central gift we have to have in order to get and keep the goals we want:

Belief and Desire

Which comes first, belief or desire?  I think belief comes first because, as thinking beings, we need to believe we can have something before we can fully allow ourselves to desire it and take action.  Believing and desiring are the opposite of doubting and dying in my mind.

Turning Belief and Desire into Action

So what's the plan?  Thursday after class I was talking to some of my Zumba dancers about adding resistance training to rev up their figure goals, so I'm going to share a five week game plan with you for accelerating your fitness goals.

I'm teaching three Zumba classes a week so my "Intermittent Cardio Training" is covered.  I will add to that the following 30 minute resistance routine, to be performed 3 times a week.

Disclaimer:  I am sharing this for informational and educational purposes only.  You must get your Doctor's approval before starting a new exercise program.  Please consult with a Certified Personal Trainer to learn proper form and technique when you exercise. 

Warm up:

10 Body weight squats
10 Push ups
10 Cross Crawls
10 Stick ups

Rest 30 Seconds and Repeat Entire Sequence One Time

Three By Three Training Routine =  3 Supersets Repeated Three Times

Superset 1:

10 Push Ups
10 Dumb Bell Squats
15 second rest between sets, repeat two times for a total of three sets.

Superset 2:

10 Mountain Climbers each side
10 1 Arm Shoulder presses each side
15 second rest between sets, repeat two times for a total of three sets.

Superset 3:

10 Reverse Dumb Bell Lunges Each Side
45 Second Plank
15 Second rest between sets, repeat two times for a total of three sets

Followed by no- equipment intervals:

20 Jumping Jacks
20 Standing Cross Crawls for a total of six rounds.

Followed by total body stretch.

What Am I going To Eat?

The more people I meet who have transformed their bodies for good, the more I realize the the eating plan that lets you release fat without losing your mind is as individual as you are.  I am so glad I'm not a dietitian, because I wouldn't know what to put my faith in nutritionally.  That being said, there are plenty of resources like to get you started.  Spend some time thinking about what has and hasn't worked for you in the past, and do some research on finding a menu that sustains and satisfies you, while keeping you in a calorie deficit over time.

My technique has more to do with structure than content.  Here it is.

Choose and commit to your personal menu each morning.  Yes, you can do this.  I would never walk into a gym to train without a pre-written plan.  Now I don't walk into the kitchen or a restaurant without a plan for what I'll eat.  My goals are that important to me.  How important are your goals to you?

Today's Menu:

1/2 cantaloupe, 2 strips uncured bacon, 1 egg, 1t coconut oil

 Mixed green salad, Dressing made with 1/2 T olive oil, 4 oz chicken, 1 cup eggplant with salsa and 1t butter, sugar free jell-o

4 oz beef, mixed green salad w/olive oil dressing, 1 cup broccoli, 1/2 cup carrots, 1t butter, sugar free jello.

Snack:  2 Deviled eggs

Plenty of water, cream in my morning coffee.

So there you have it, my menu committed to the blog.  If I don't follow it, I'll have to figure out why.  Was it too restrictive?  Am I in conflict over reaching my goals?

Ultimately change is a learning process.  So long as you keep gaining wisdom about what works for you, and what fails, you can't be defeated.

Just keep believing that you can reach your goals, because as Beto says,

You Doubt You Die.

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  1. Congrats on your Zumba, Gold training! Sounds like your students are going to benefit from your confidence and enthusiasm. Sending you big hugs, Nancy


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