Sunday, May 20, 2012

Last Summer's Shorts

The weather has been beautiful here in Sonora for several weeks now, and I'm starting to pull out clothes from last Summer to wear on these sunny days.  The skirts came first, stretchy, easy skirts that pull on and don't give much away as to how firm my lower half is.

In the past few days though, there have been times when only shorts would do.  Luckily, they all fit so far, but the legs they show off aren't as sleek and firm as they were last Summer.  That's why I'm in the Mayday Makeover.

It's been four years since I started Turbulence Training and I learned the techniques that would finally help me solve my fat loss and fitness dilemmas, but I have found that the level of intensity I need to use to transform my figure is something I don't choose to maintain year round.  By training clients, teaching Zumba, and staying fairly faithful to a healthy eating style, I do stay within striking distance of the body that makes me feel good about myself.  That's maintenance, and it's a noble achievement, but change for the better takes more focused attention, intention, and effort than I've been using.

Today is May 20th, exactly one month from the start of Summer, so It's time to get serious about transformation strategy.

Do you remember the Transformation Formula?

E+M    Eating plus movement over time.

Although the foundation of fitness is training to shape the body, those changes are made visible through fat release, and we release fat by going into and maintaining a deficit in energy balance.  Yes, put simply, we eat less than we burn.

Simple, right?  Ok, if it was so simple we'd all be walking around in the ideal, authentic body of our dreams, so I'd better break it down right here.  Let's start with my numbers shall we?  At 5'1" tall, 48 years of age, and my activity level, I've become confident that I burn, on average, 1,700 Kcal/day.  The deficit I want to use for my desired fate of fat release is 500 Kcal/day leaving me with 1,200 calories to build a food plan with.  My strategy for meeting and maintaining that deficit until my intermediate goal of 117 pounds and 20% body fat is "Simple Eating."

This eating strategy uses a menu that satisfiers me, and that has been effective in the past.

Here it is.  No processed foods, which I define as anything out of a bag or a box.  We know that means no Trix or Hamburger Helper obviously, but it also means no bread or cereal for me.  Certainly you may choose to have foods like oatmeal, rice, or sprouted grain bread in your plan, but I personally do better without grains in my strategy.

So what will I be eating?  I'll eat six or more servings of vegetables, one or two servings of fruit, 12 oz of protein, 3 oz healthy fat (grass fed butter or organic extra virgin olive oil).  I'll use plenty of spices, and no sugar condiments like vinegar and mustard, but the beauty and effectiveness of this plan lies in it's very simplicity.  These foods satisfy my appetite without over stimulating it.  On the weekends, I will enjoy no more than 2 glasses of wine, but I'll keep a sharp eye on this in case the wine triggers cravings for more indulgent foods.

So there you have it.  Tomorrow I will write about some techniques for staying content with simple food by focusing on and enhancing the pleasures in your life that don't include eating.  This really is the fun part.  One example?  Swimming!  My son and I are off to enjoy that one today.

Skirts, shorts, and swimsuits- Summer is almost here.

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