Monday, May 14, 2012

Mayday Makeover Day 14

Happy Day After Mother's Day.

If you're like me, holidays are cause for celebration with food- any food desired.  Mother's Day was no different.  My husband and son took me out to brunch, and I had a bit of everything I desired.  Then a bit more of the little goodies I couldn't resist.  Dinner was the 2 chocolate truffles the restaurant  sent home with all of the Moms. Later, I practiced a few new Zumba routines, and I got to bed on time.

I certainly didn't go off the caloric deep end.  The trouble is that I got up and checked my blood sugar this morning.  For the first time since I started testing in March, my fasting blood sugar was over 100 in the morning: 108 to be exact.

A reading between 100 and 125 after an eight hour fast on at least two occasions indicates impaired fasting glucose.  My personal suspicion is that I'm playing with fire when I overeat  indulgent foods.

The point of the Mayday Makeover is to gather information about the best way to think, eat, and move in order to release fat For You Personally.

Ideally, I want to enjoy special occasion meals without freaking out and feeling like I've blown it.  Here's the old scenario:  I've eaten off plan, Elvis has left the building with my self control, and I'm going to eat all of the sugary floury sweets I can before my common sense comes out of it's carb induced coma.

Now that didn't happen yesterday, but now I realize that even during a celebration I still need to keep a wise head on my shoulders if my goal is good health.

Today has gone very well, as the best technique I've found for coming down off of a heavy meal is to drink plenty of water, eat six or more servings of vegetables, and get enough protein to stay satisfied and keep sugar cravings at bay.

Todays Resistance Routine:

Warm Up: 10 Y Squats
                  10 Push Ups
                  10 Stick Ups
                  10 Standing Cross Crawls
Rest 30 Seconds and repeat one time.

Weight Bar Whole Body Resistance Routine With 20lb Padded Weight Bar:

10 Squats
10 Push Press
10 Bent Over Row
10 Romanian Dead Lifts
45 Second Plank

Rest 30 Seconds and Repeat Entire Sequence Two Times.

Interval Training:
20 Jumping Jacks
20 Standing Cross Crawls
6 Rounds

Ending with a total body stretch and the new cool down for my Zumba class: to The Year of The Cat.  The 70's are cool for cooling down.

As of tomorrow we're five weeks out from the end of the Makeover; Time for Laser Focus on Optimal Eating.

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