Saturday, June 30, 2012

How to Release Three Pounds of Fat on a Business Trip

Last weekend I attended Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training Summit in San Diego, California.

Until recently, even with the inspiration of the Mayday Makeover to spur me on, I haven't been able to stick to my eating plan.  No matter what mental resolutions I made, I was still getting sucked into my crazy sugar and starch cravings again and again.  After eating half a bag of hot dog buns dipped in coconut oil and raw honey, no seriously, I ate that, I finally surrendered and said, "That's it! No more sugar and flour."

So what's a woman to do on the road, in the air, and in a hotel?  Not to mention what's a woman to do at  a cocktail reception featuring a desert buffet?

Panic?  Give in?  Nope, not me.  Besides, the Turbulence Training motto is,

Never, ever, EVER give up.

So here's what I did, as clearly and briefly as possible.

1. My drive to San Francisco at dinnertime.  I packed appropriate food, and I ate only that.  Appropriate food for me was organic chicken breast, cheese, and nitrite free bacon.  I am certainly not recommending that you eat that.  I'm just saying that if you have a food plan, the best way to stay true to it is to bring your own food.  It may be whole grain crackers and hummus if that serves your body best, but when it comes to car travel, if you need to eat it it- bring it with you.  That's what coolers are for.

2.  Breakfast in the morning.  I was up and out too early for the continental breakfast, but even so I wouldn't have gone near that festival of sugar and starch if you'd paid me.  I had coffee in the room with my own mini moos and stevia, got on the shuttle, and took my growing appetite to the airport.

3. At the Airport.  The new terminal at SFO is gorgeous, and healthy food abounds there.  I had a cheese omelet with avocado and bacon, plenty of water, and more coffee.  Thus fueled, I didn't need a thing but anther bottle of water on the plane.

4. Lunch at the hotel after the morning session:  Cobb salad with oil and vinegar on the side.  Ate half.

5.  Dinner.  I had a short window to score some surf wear for my husband and son, so I walked to Horton Plaza, bought some Quicksilver and Billabong T-shirts.  I had just enough time to grab two hard boiled eggs and two cheese sticks at the corner 7-11 with a bottle of spring water.  The Westin provided a big Granny Smith apple, and then I changed and headed down to the reception.

6.  Dessert Reception.  Here's the deal- I was there to listen and learn, not eat.  Alwyn Cosgrove was the guest of honor, and my motivation was to get some wisdom and inspiration- not a sugar buzz.  Mission accomplished, we all headed into another seminar session, then bedtime.

7.  Breakfast:  Ask for substitutions.  I had eggs benedict -hold the muffin and hollandaise with spinach and asparagus tips on the side.  Any breakfast restaurant will have vegetables available because they need then to make omelets.  Ask for some.  By the way, my nutritional motto is,

"Build your Body on a Bed of Vegetables."

8. TT Bodyweight Interval Training Session.  Yee ha- talk about a power half hour, then a good stretch.

9. Lunch:  Walked to Chipolte.  Grilled chicken on a big bed of lettuce and veg. - ate half.

10. Dinner:  Another excellent walk, this time to Fred's Mexican Cantina in the Gaslamp.  Had chicken fajitas, no tortillas, beans, or rice, I did eat the sour cream though- yummy.  Iced tea to drink, followed by  another pleasant walk home.  I even gave directions back to the Gaslamp district to some friendly Swedes.  Straight to bed at about 10:30.

11. Breakfast: Bacon and eggs, told them to hold the bread.  They sent up a huge serving of hash browns, but I wrapped them carefully in a few paper napkins and put them in the wastebasket. Really, if you don't want it and you're not doing to eat it, why stare at it?

12. Fabulous training session with my kind and generous friend Kerry who drove us to "Fit" gym. Did TT2K3.

13.  Back at SFO, bought 2 organic salads and ate the chicken, fruit, and cheese off of them on the way to Manteca where I bought El Pollo Loco to bring home to the guys.  Had two pieces of chicken with my salads for dinner..

14.  Lots of water, and another walk around the garden, and then out with the dog.  Early to bed.

Result?  I released three pounds of fat.  If I had to break the reason why down to just two things, here's what they would be.

1. Stay true to your way of eating.
2. Walk.  (Of course pay attention to your personal safety when walking in an unfamiliar city.)

Think of how much more you'll gain from business travel if you take care of yourself by staying true to your health.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Congratulations Mayday Makeovers

We are three for three.

Just two days ago I had the pleasure of hearing Alwyn Cosgrove , co -author of "The New Rules of lifting For Life", and the owner with his wife Rachel of Results Fitness, speak at the Turbulence Training Summit.  I asked him a question about how much risk to take when expanding a fitness business and he asked,

"Are you any good?"  I replied "Yes." So he said, "Start small.  Your clients will help you grow."

Talk about starting small, the Mayday Makeover had three participants, but here's the great news, all three succeeded.

Sally lost eight pounds, and looks great in her favorite bikini, Van built the kind of arms that get noticed, and Lyz lost four inches off of her waistline, and that's just one example each of what they achieved.  That's 100% success, and I am so happy about what they accomplished in a very short time.

Of course the idea isn't to do a six week challenge and go back to your old ways.  The goal of a challenge like this is to establish a routine that includes a regular fitness practice, and nutritious eating habits.

Ah yes, nutritious eating habits.  None of our participants ate in exactly the same way.  They all followed their intuition on what was missing, and what was over-represented in their eating plans.  By keeping an eye on portions, emphasizing vegetables, and being aware of genuine hunger signals and fullness, they made great strides.

As for me?  Well, I did lose an inch off of my waist, but I gained a half inch in my hips.  No big deal, but it did make my waist to hip ratio even better.  The truth is that I had to come to terms with the place of alcohol and sugar in my diet, and I have come to terms, again, with the fact that they don't fit in anywhere.  I will be writing a lot more in the future about the sugar free lifestyle, and I hope that will be helpful to anyone else who had decided to surrender their trigger foods, whatever they may be.

Finally I just want to say again how grateful I am to Sally, Van, and Lyz for their inspiring efforts.  It's a lot easier for me to stay true to my goals when I see how dedicated they are.